Ed Agresta's New Book, 'Roger the Bravest Bird in the World', Is a Wonderful Fable About a Timid Bird Who Finds Bravery and Friendship to Save His Family Amidst Crisis

Fulton Books author Ed Agresta, a teacher and coach for almost 50 years, an author of three books, an award-winning educator, lecturer, and coach, has completed his most recent book, "Roger the Bravest Bird in the World": an encouraging tale that shares positivity in trying new things for a change as it may turn out to be rewarding. It also teaches respect and kindness to make friends despite differences in appearance.

Ed writes, "Your biggest enemy just might become your best friend. In this lovable parable, the feared alligator, Fred, not only saves the lives of a family of birds—he becomes one of the family!


"*Making new friends that are different than you is hard and scary.

"*Everyone is scared about something, and we are all unique.

"*Change is hard but can lead to new adventures.

"*New friends are fun and exciting.

"*We must become comfortable feeling uncomfortable."

Published by Fulton Books, Ed Agresta's book is a motivational read that helps children realize that bravery is important, that facing fears in life can help them succeed. This book also shares that family is not defined by physical similarities but it is created through love.

Readers who wish to experience this delightful work can purchase "Roger the Bravest Bird in the World" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.

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