E-Commerce Sellers Drive POW! to 10,000th Product Photography Order

Products On White Photography's 10,000th order validates the company's model and the power of a democratized e-commerce economy

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Products On White (POW!) Photography, which specializes in creating white-background photos for e-commerce retailers, hit a major milestone in the photography industry today with its 10,000th online sale from its more than 3,300 clients. POW!’s success today validates its history as a pioneer in a business model designed to meet a high volume of custom orders and e-commerce clients. POW!’s customer base of small- and medium-sized businesses demonstrates how e-commerce is growing more competitive and how the photography industry has innovated to address this growing demand.

Why This Is Significant
Photographing products might seem simple, but managing around 200 orders a month with usually between 10-50 unique images per order poses significant challenges. POW! works with hundreds of clients simultaneously, each one providing their own custom art direction and shot list. The company tracks products shipping in and out of the studio, organizes billing and handles any revisions necessary to provide the perfect image for the customer’s needs. POW!’s ability to blend photographic expertise with operational excellence sets it apart from competitors and allowed it to reach the 10,000-order milestone in just seven years.

Our customers come to us because they want professional-quality product photos. We built our systems around how we could do that better, faster and more affordably.

Jeff Delacruz

President, POW!

“Most freelance commercial photographers work 3-4 jobs a month for just a few clients. POW! is averaging over 200 unique orders a month. Large catalog studios may have large volumes like POW!, but they typically only have a few big clients and so it’s easier to manage,” says Jeff Delacruz, president of POW!.

How They Did It
What sets POW! apart is the innovative way in which it streamlines the photography ordering process. POW! takes what would normally be a two- to three-week production and automates it. POW!’s photography techniques go well beyond a light tent, utilizing a sophisticated, flexible lighting setup allowing for custom lighting and multi-capture compositing while still being quick and efficient. Reviews laud POW!’s customer service -- which includes the ability to easily get a photographer on the phone.

“Our customers come to us because they want professional-quality product photos. We built our systems around how we could do that better, faster and more affordably,” says Delacruz.

What It Says About E-Commerce
Photography is yet another industry forced to adapt in a digital world as more businesses need more content to fill up social feeds and populate e-commerce listings. In today's world, quality content matters and business need a lot of it. Much of POW!’s client base is small businesses who, thanks to digital marketing channels, can use photography and websites to market and sell products direct-to-consumer. POW!’s success may reflect a changing e-commerce landscape where businesses are looking for any edge that will make their products stand out online.

“This is an exciting time to start a business. In the old days, if you sold a product, you had to navigate the retailers to get it to the consumer. Today with e-commerce, all you need is a great product, a beautiful website and the passion to market it. Amazing photos are a big part of that,” says Delacruz.

Check out POW!’s website at www.powproductphotography.com and find POW! on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

About The POW!

Products On White (POW!) Photography is a state-of-the-art commercial photo studio located in the Ravenswood Industrial Corridor of Chicago’s Northcenter neighborhood. Established in 2011, POW! specializes in white-background photos for e-commerce and was one of the pioneers of the “ship and shoot” model, which allows businesses to order online and ship their products right to a professional photographer. Its mission: “Create the best product photography with the easiest process in the world!”

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Jeff Delacruz, president
Products On White Photography
Phone: 312-880-7124

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