Ecommerce Company Cocoweb Introduces Initial Bike Products From New Sports Line

Cocoweb Sport Presents Functional and Innovative Bike Accessories Including New LotusLock Cable Lock, ArmBar U Lock, JointLock Bike Lock, and the Escalante Bike Light.

Ecommerce Company Cocoweb is proud to present Cocoweb Sport, their new line of sports accessories. The company plans to expand their website into a one-stop shop for all of your sporting needs. Whether you are an avid cyclist, camper, hiker, or a general appreciator of the outdoors, Cocoweb Sport will be the perfect shop for all of your needs. They are introducing their initial products, which are sure to be at the top of any sports enthusiasts’ list. These products are based around cycling, road biking, and mountain biking. The first products Cocoweb will be releasing are premium bike locks, bike pumps, and a bike light which will change the cycling market as it is now.

Cocoweb Sport’s manufacturers worked hard in order to create state-of-the-art bike locks made from the top materials available. For instance, the Cocoweb Sport LotuLock Cable Lock is not just a regular cable lock. It is made from 12mm braided steel, which is one of the thickest on the market in order to ensure your bike is safe from theft. In addition, the cable lock is covered in vinyl to keep your bike safe from scratches and damage. Cocoweb is also introducing the ArmBar U Lock, made from heated alloy steel and coated in PVC in order to protect your bike from both theft and damage. When combined, the LotusLock and ArmBar create an unstoppable force. In addition, Cocoweb Sport will also introduce the JointLock, an innovative bike lock that combines the strength of a U Lock with the flexibility of a cable lock. Made from heated alloy steel, the JointLock is a series of alloy steel parts connected by joints. This lock has a tensil strength of 3500 kg.

"We believe in exploring the great outdoors and creating state of the art equipment in order to allow our customers to dive further into the world. This is our goal with this line, and we hope to make this goal accessible to everyone."

Wayne Lin, CEO, Cocoweb

Cocoweb Sport will also come out with the Escalante LED bike head light, which has a brightness of 500 lumens. In addition to its LED function, the Escalante bike light has a power bank function which allows you to charge your USB devices while on the go.

In addition to these exciting products, Cocoweb Sport looks forward to offering innovative bike car racks and hitch mounts, headlamps, ear muffs, and much more. Cocoweb Sport is constantly developing new and exciting products for the sport industry and looks forward to becoming the top provider of all sports accessories and equipment.

About Cocoweb: Cocoweb has grown from their roots as a lighting company into an Ecommerce marketplace for the shopper that is looking for everything electronic, living, and sport. To accompany their new vision of a full marketplace, Cocoweb has developed a new, groundbreaking website that is user-friendly, intuitive, and beautifully designed. In addition to their new website, Cocoweb has products available on Amazon and other popular marketplaces.