eCom Products Group Acquires Elle Shop

EPG Chair Andrew Waters announced today the agreement between Hearst Communications to acquire controlling interest of ELLESHOP China. ELLESHOP China is one of China's premier online fashion portals, linking brands and influencers, and engaging consumers to transact.


Andrew Waters, Executive Chairman of Florida-based company eCom Products Group Corporation (EPG) (OCTBB: EPGC): announced today their agreement to acquire ELLESHOP China. Thanks to the efforts of Mr. Waters and CEO Jody Sigmund, the acquisition will be a smooth transition into EPG’s already expansive social commerce services, sales channels, and cross-border portfolio.

As part of its continuing strategy to own several social commerce-based sales and service platforms, EPG, with operations in key strategic, high-growth markets, will acquire a controlling shareholding in Hearst Communication’s ELLESHOP China. “We are commingling our media assets and increasing global brand reach for clients like Bloomingdale’s looking to enter high-growth markets,” said Sigmund.

Joint efforts are underway, with CEO Jack Wang of ELLE Shop China and CEO Jody Sigmund of EPG services to incorporate social commerce strategies and create a more organic engagement with China’s sought-after KOLs (influencers). The merger will incorporate an in-house affiliate program to EPG’s expansive eCommerce and cross-border offering. Brands will now access a full suite of services ranging from social influence management, online sales channels, destination marketing platforms, e-commerce, logistics and import/export services.

Mr. Waters stated, “The opportunity to acquire controlling interest in ELLE Shop China is an exciting addition to the sales channels and marketing platforms EPG offers our clients. The intended acquisition also strengthens our investor’s portfolio.”

ELLESHOP China is a growing fashion and lifestyle platform with strong brand positioning, key media channel partnerships, A-list celebrities, and high-profile influencers (KOLs). ELLE SHOP China’s 15+ million consumer reach offers brands exclusive access entering China.



Source: eCom Products Group

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