Ecology proposes new legislation to charge water users for conservation activities

Water Conservation News Network - August 2010 Breaking News Report - The Washington State Dept. of Ecology is proposing new legislation that would charge users "$15 per acre-foot per year" for water they conserve from the Columbia and Snake Rivers.

OLYMPIA, WA - The Washington State Department of Ecology is proposing new legislation titled ".maximizing Columbia River water supply investments and incentivizing conservation on the mainstem of the Columbia and Lower Snake rivers." However, the attached proposed new legislation would actually charge users "$15 per acre-foot per year" for water conserved.

The proposal ( has already drawn strong criticism and opposition from a number of key regional water policy organizations, including the Washington Water Conservation Coalition, the Pacific Northwest Conservation Council, the Save Columbia River Water Partnership and the Pacific Water Conservation Alliance. Additionally, several stakeholder groups have asked the agency to immediately withdraw this proposal because the proposed $15 per acre foot charges will actually create another major disincentive against water conservation.

Water Conservation News Network will continue to monitor this proposal and provide updates as events warrant.

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