ECO Energy Tech Asia Ltd. Develops New App for Online Ordering

Mrs. May Cheung, President of ECO Energy Tech Asia („Eco Energy Asia“) , OTCBB: EYTH, announced today that ECO Energy Asia has signed a cooperation contract with Blockchains Ltd. from Hongkong to develop a new App that can be XZG6used for Android and iPhones to order any sort of organic foods produced in the company`s new Biodome which will be located in Xintou Village near Dongguan City in the Province of Guangdong in China. The new App will be developed by the technicians of Blockchain Ltd. which is already successfully positioned in the Online security business.

The new App will allow Chinese customers to contact ECO Energy Asia directly and find out about the variety of goods available and produced in the Biodome. The customer can then choose any item and quantity for his personal needs and have it sent to his home address. With this procedure, Chinese customers can easily pick fresh and organic foods in a comfortable way. China today counts 1.3 Bio. mobile subscribers using Android or Apple`s iPhone technology.

Blockchain Ltd is a company from Hongkong offering secure online solutions for electronic signatures or payment services. ( Blockchain technology is a cryptography based technology to store immutable data. It allows securing signatures on online created documents to verify the authenticity of the document and the signatory. Blockchains Ltd. also establishes cryptocurrency based transfers using Bitcoin or Ethereum. These online created currencies are being used more and more by customers worldwide.

ECO Energy Asia will benefit from Blockchain Ltd.`s experience and use the latest technology to install the new App on Android and Apple drive mobile devices. It is expected to have the App in operation by the 4th quarter 2017 and have the first revenues coming along with it shortly thereafter.

About ECO Energy Tech Asia Limited:

ECO Energy Tech Asia Limited develops, markets and produces an ETFE insulated Biodome and Vertical Growing System that allows the year-round production of fresh food produce regardless of weather conditions and significantly reduces energy and input requirements.

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ECO Energy Tech is an urban agricultural research and development company that supplies licensed technologies in Asia. It's ECO Energy Tech's goal to pursue sustainability aspects in a commercially viable way.

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