Eclipse California Announces Multiple Open Positions

Austin, Eclipse California's President, announced that the firm is hiring. He discussed advantages of joining the team, along with qualities that the ideal candidate will possess.

​The field of customer acquisitions has never been more exhilarating, according to Austin, and Eclipse California is perfectly poised to ride the wave of demand businesses have for the firm’s sales and marketing strategies. While this is an exciting prospect for current team members, Austin is also looking forward to bringing new associates on board. 

Austin shared that one of the most gratifying elements of his role as President is giving people a chance to join a booming industry and take control of their career journeys by learning marketing directly from the leading experts at Eclipse California. As the new year approaches, he plans on filling several positions to help the firm meet its growth goals in 2019. He feels the timing is perfect for those who have made a New Year’s resolution of finding a career that is both challenging and rewarding, while working in an environment that encourages personal and professional growth.

The right candidates will be those who know how to both stand out in a crowd and lift the spirits of those around them, shared Austin. They will have a determination to succeed, self-management skills, and a passion for life. These soft skills are actually more important to the President of Eclipse California, Austin, than work history or industry experience because of the comprehensive learning system the firm employs to help novice associates become proficient professionals. Through one-to-one coaching, seminars, and workshops, new team members will gain access to all that they’ll need to build thriving careers. There are other perks as well, such as travel, that make working at Eclipse California a uniquely gratifying experience.

When Interviewing for an Eclipse California Career, Use These Tips

All career opportunities start with an interview, and because Austin genuinely wants applicants to do well when they meet with him or another of the hiring managers, he offers these tips. First, and perhaps most importantly, be prepared. Spend ample time researching the company, the industry, and even learning about the team. The Eclipse California website is a good place to start, but then candidates should spend time looking over the company’s social media feeds and looking up the firm’s leaders on LinkedIn as well.

Preparation also includes practicing answers for common interview questions. For example, while the actual phrase “Where do you see yourself in five years?” might not be uttered verbatim, managers will want to know about an applicant’s plans for the future. Austin suggests getting together with a friend or colleague and roleplaying as both the interviewer and interviewee. This provides candidates with a big-picture perspective of the interview process. 

As a successful firm in a growth industry, Austin is looking forward to a prosperous 2019. Professionals who are interested in learning more about being part of this exciting future should visit the Eclipse California Careers page. 

About Eclipse California:
Eclipse California is home to the region’s top customer acquisitions experts. Their mission is to engage targeted people and spark interest in top-level home enhancement solutions. The firm’s associates use a flexible approach to marketing and consulting. They combine it with their passion and professionalism to dim the chaos of the marketplace. Their expert delivery brings companies and consumers together for lasting growth. By encouraging associates to progress along a clear path to advancement while acquiring knowledge and taking risks every day, they attain maximum results. Their commitment to excellence makes a big impact in all they do. Visit to learn more about the values that shape the firm’s success.

Source: Eclipse California