Echo Healthcare Releases New Immersive Studio Software

Immersive Interactive provides virtual learning spaces that are fully interactive and multisensory, engaging learners through sight, sound and touch - allowing for interactive learning throughout healthcare, education and all industry sectors.

Echo Healthcare, Inc., a global leader in high-reality simulation and a worldwide leader in immersive spaces and educational software, announced today the release of their newest software platform operating their Immersive Interactive technology, Immersive Studio. With the release of this new software, Echo Healthcare continues to be on the forefront, providing the most realistic and limitless virtual spaces for all industries.

Echo Healthcare's Immersive Interactive system provides virtual learning spaces that are fully interactive and multisensory, engaging learners through sight, sound and touch. It provides high-quality projections that allow learners to feel like they are in that exact environment. With the use of high-quality speakers, relevant sounds can be heard during their training, providing further stressors and truly engaging the learners. Educators no longer have to suspend disbelief and can now put their learners through any training exercise in any environment, all from a single room or multiple rooms. Immersive Interactive's user-friendly, cloud-based software operates off of a tablet, allowing faculty and educators to easily control and change the learning environment with a few clicks.

The release of the Immersive Studio software allows users the ability to create their own content and share content amongst a wide variety of user groups. The system comes pre-loaded with thousands of backgrounds, exercises and scenes available to all users. And with Immersive Studio, users will now receive a 360-degree camera they can use to easily record and upload their own local content in a cloud-based environment from anywhere. This added functionality allows learners to be able to train in engaging immersive spaces that mimic their local roads, nursing homes, shopping plazas, classrooms and military training environments - it's truly limitless.

"We are so excited for Immersive Studio to be rolled out. It further enhances the Immersive Interactive system and allows users to truly tailor all aspects of the immersive space(s) to their local environment. Users will have the ability to collaborate and gain access to a worldwide community of like-minded experts. It also allows faculty and educators to mimic training environments that their leaners will be subjected to and takes interprofessional education and training to the next level," says Kevin King, CEO of Echo Healthcare.

Founded in 2012 and acquired by Echo Healthcare in 2022, Immersive Interactive continues to partner with leading healthcare simulation, educational institutions and various industry sectors to deliver the most effective immersive experiences. With over 400 installations worldwide, Immersive Interactive remains at the forefront as a global leader and provider of interactive classrooms and virtual simulation spaces. Echo Healthcare is a worldwide leader offering a diverse product line consisting of realistic medical training manikins and monitoring equipment, immersive virtual spaces and an entire portfolio geared towards enhancing realism in patient simulation.

Source: Echo Healthcare