ECG-Guard Helps Users to Take Control of Their Health Through an Intuitive Mobile App

ECG-Guard Recorder/Transmitter

ECG-Guard is a new wearable personal monitoring device that is designed to help users track their heart function and other important health metrics. It offers Bluetooth connectivity so that users can export their data to the convenient mobile app for easy monitoring.

At its core, the ECG-Guard is a heart monitor, but it also offers much more functionality. The device can track the wearer's sleep habits and stress levels. It can detect poor posture and alert the wearer to straighten up. It also tracks body temperature throughout the day. It also incorporates a sports mode to allow users to track stats during various workouts, including running, biking, hiking, and more. In addition to heart rate, sports mode also collects data regarding the wearer's steps, distance traveled, elevation, calories burned and more.

The ECG-Guard secures to the chest using three adhesive electrodes for strap-free wear, although a chest strap is also included with the device. The device runs off a single rechargeable battery. A full charge delivers 24 hours of use at maximum functionality. Within the mobile app, users can select which functions they need and which they would like to turn off.

The primary function of the ECG-Guard is the heart monitor, which takes a continuous ECG over the 24-hour operational period. Although users can elect to turn off the constant Bluetooth connection to their iPhone or smartphone in order to conserve battery life, the device will automatically turn that connection back on if it detects a severe arrhythmia, fall to the ground or other potentially dangerous condition. This way, it can alert the user to the problem through a smartphone notification. For an additional subscription fee, the device can also alert emergency personnel as needed.

Furthermore, the recorded data can be passed on to a cardiologist team for professional analysis at the push of a button, which then returns a detailed analysis report and a recommendation. By doing this, you can independently check your heart function and control existing diseases and therapies. The risk of stroke — based on atrial fibrillation — can also be determined and, if necessary, treated in a controlled manner.

The design of the device itself has already been completed and is ready for production. The mobile app is still under development, so the creators have launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to help raise the funds needed to complete the process. Additional money raised will also be used to fund the initial production order for the ECG-Guard.

The campaign has a funding goal of $172,019, of which it had raised over $12,000 at the time of this release. The campaign will continue until August 21, by which time it must reach the full amount in order to receive the funds raised.


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