Ecessa Relies on Apposite Tools for Product Testing

Apposite Technologies announced that Ecessa Corporation has selected Apposite's Netropy network emulators for testing the performance of Ecessa's line of wide area network controllers under real world network conditions.

Apposite® Technologies today announced that Ecessa Corporation has selected Apposite’s Netropy® network emulators for testing the performance of Ecessa’s line of wide area network controllers under real world network conditions.​

Ecessa’s software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) controllers leverage multiple communication links to eliminate Internet downtime and ensure uninterrupted access to critical business applications.

​Apposite’s Netropy emulators simulate bandwidth, latency, loss, congestion, and other network impairments to replicate real-world networks in the lab.  Through the use of the Netropy emulator, Ecessa is able to thoroughly test and optimize the performance of its products under challenging and worst-case customer network conditions. Any issues discovered during testing can be found and fixed prior to deployment in a production environment by Ecessa’s customers, helping to ensure customer satisfaction.

“We needed a solution for our lab to replicate a wide range of customer conditions and we didn’t find any other device that offered the same level of capability as the Netropy emulators,” explains Mike Siegler, vice president of development and support at Ecessa. “Multiple emulation ports, each capable of simulating multiple WAN links, allows us to run a battery of tests simultaneously while the ability to record and replay live customer network conditions makes it easy to reproduce the dynamic loss and latency spikes that our products are designed to overcome.”

By combining unparalleled ease-of-use and the highest levels of precision with unmatched pricing, Netropy WAN emulators make it possible for network managers, IT administrators, and application developers to learn within minutes how applications will perform over a variety of real-world networks.  Netropy emulators are available in 5 different of models to simulate any type of network from low speed links up to 40 Gbps connections. 

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