ECCO Medical Announces New Partnership With Denver CBS4

ECCO Medical and CBS4 Team Up to Educate Denver Viewers About Non-Surgical Endovascular Treatment Options.

ECCO Medical Eye On Health News Set

ECCO Medical, the leading endovascular treatment center in Colorado is pleased to announce a new marketing partnership with Denver's CBS television station KCNC.

The new partnership between ECCO Medical and KCNC provides an opportunity for ECCO to leverage the CBS4 "Eye on Health" brand reaching 3.6 million viewers who watch CBS news and trust its CBS4 "Eye on Health" reports for informative health information.

CBS viewers will see a variety of "Eye on Health" reports introduced by former CBS anchorwomen Molly Hughes and learn about the most exciting advances in non-surgical, image-guided vascular therapies for men's and women's health issues. "It's so important to help educate people about what Interventional Radiologists do. Using little more than a needle puncture, we can deliver precise treatments for conditions such as Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia or BPH, uterine fibroids, arterial disease, and therapies for cancers that metastasize in the liver. People suffering with these conditions need to know there are choices other than traditional surgery," says Board Certified and Fellowship Trained Interventional Radiologist Charles Nutting.

"Most people are not familiar with interventional radiology as a specialty and the broad range of medical conditions we treat. Thanks to advancements in x-ray and imaging technology, we can navigate inside the body and treat conditions without the need for open surgery. It's important to help folks understand every option out there and CBS Denver offered us the broadest way to reach as many people as possible," said co-founder Board Certified and Fellowship Trained Interventional Radiologist Aaron Kovaleski.

The best time to catch CBS4 "Eye on Health" brought to you by ECCO Medical is during weekday news hours, CBS Sunday Morning and several of the most popular prime time shows. Viewers can also visit our YouTube channel by clicking on our website at


ECCO Medical ( is an office-based lab that focuses on interventional radiology and minimally invasive options for a variety of patient conditions - including oncology, wounds, leg pain, fibroids, and BPH. ECCO is dedicated to staying on top and in front of the most exciting advances in treatments for a variety of women's and men's health issues with a strong focus on lower extremity arterial disease and liver cancer therapies. ECCO works collaboratively with referring physician colleagues and takes a patient-centric concierge approach to endovascular care. They are committed to the highest level of patient care in a safe, comfortable outpatient setting.

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Source: ECCO Medical