ECCMA Announces Free ISO 8000 Master Data Quality Manager Certification

MDQM Certified

Quality Master Data is the key enabler to reducing costs and increasing sales. ISO 8000 Master Data Quality Manager (ISO 8000 MDQM) certification is the badge of those who know how to deliver portable master data that meets stated requirements, demonstrating true MDM leadership.

ISO 8000 is the international standard for quality master data defined as portable master data that meets stated requirements. If master data is not portable, it most probably belongs to the software application being used to manage it and the data within it is under license terms. Additionally, if master data does not meet organizational requirements, it is not quality master data and if it exceeds requirements, it is not better quality but it will be more expensive than necessary. Learning how to recognize ISO 8000 quality master data is the first step to creating a successful master data management or data governance program.

ECCMA is a not-for-profit international association of data quality managers and application providers founded in 1999. ECCMA led the development of ISO 8000 and it is proud to be able to offer Master Data Managers the opportunity to obtain the qualification of ISO 8000 Master Data Quality Manager at no cost.

To register for certification, visit the certification page of the ECCMA website here. The course material and multi-choice certification test is hosted on an online learning platform and on-site training delivered by an experienced instructor is also available for groups on request.

On successful completion of the test, candidates will receive a certificate in electronic format and the logo of ECCMA Certified ISO 8000 Master Data Quality Manager (ISO 8000 MDQM). A live signature certificate is available for a nominal mailing and handling fee.

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