ECamping Tents Offers Deals on Camping Gear sells tents, backpacks, grills and more

A new site,, offers users access to deals on camping gear and equipment.

The goal, he said, is to offer campers access to everything they need in one place, making planning for their trips easier and less expensive.

"We're dedicated to offering all the necessary tools for camping. Users can find tents, accessories and much more on our site."

Joseph Greco, Owner

The site offers numerous different tent options at a variety of price points, from a simple two-person tent for $38.99 to a 10-person tent for $249.99. Many different types of sleeping bags are on offer, as well, ranging from simple, warm-weather bags to mummy bags designed to keep users comfortable in cold weather.

The site also offers many different kinds of accessories designed to make camping more comfortable. Portable charcoal grills and portable coolers are available, as are a wide variety of seating options, including portable tables and chairs.

The site is going to continue to expand what it has available, Greco said, with the goal of keeping pace with the latest camping offerings.

“Anyone looking to purchase all the essential items can find what they need,” he said, “whether they’re new to camping or need to upgrade their products.”

More information is available at