eBrand Commerce Launches an Exclusive E-Commerce Platform With Full Services and Based on Performance

Services include online store, digital marketing, customer service and logistics. Business model is revenue sharing with no setup cost.

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eBrand Success is the only offering on the market that combines all e-commerce services into one turnkey solution, targeting small and medium-size brands in the range from $5 to $50 million in total revenue. E-commerce is becoming increasingly more complex and requires significant resources with diverse skill sets. Many brands cannot afford the range of various talent needed to develop, maintain, and market an enterprise e-commerce solution. eBrand Success provides the answer.

Prestigious brands such as Yves Saint Laurent, Givenchy, Van Cleef & Arpels and many other world-renowned brands or startups like NYX (now owned by L’Oréal) and, most recently, NOTE Cosmetics, have trusted their highly successful eCommerce launches in the US or EU to eBrand Commerce for over 10 years. 

eBrand Commerce now makes it possible for all brands to take advantage of eBrand Success through a very simple and affordable approach.  Whether a brand has an existing online store and is looking to move to the next level to increase revenue, an underperforming online store with outdated and inferior infrastructure and desires to upgrade, or is just starting out with e-commerce, eBrand Success offers a solution with zero upfront cost and a price that is based on revenue success, making the return on investment unbeatable.

Multiple pricing plans are available to match every brand’s business model and individual situation:

  • Set up is free for a fully custom-designed e-commerce store.
  • Additional paid features can be added ‘a la carte’ to serve custom, multichannel, and corporate needs, such as store locator, press gallery, career, etc.
  • Monthly costs are based on revenue share starting at 30% of net sales with a service fee based on service level:
       o   Online Store Merchandizing and Marketing
       o   Creative
       o   Newsletter Management
       o   Paid Advertising Management
       o   Affiliate Marketing Management
       o   Social Network Community Management
       o   Full Service Technology Hosting & Management
       o   Payment Gateway and Processing
  • The minimum service fee is $3,000/month.
  • Paid Advertising budget can be paid directly by the client, or a 10% additional minimum can be added to the revenue share.
  • The solution integrates with multiple components for ease of scale and implementation:
  • The online store framework uses best-in-class Shopify enriched with additional custom functions hosted on a high-capacity cloud. Shopify is now a worldwide-leading e-commerce platform for small and medium businesses, reaching close to 400,000 clients who have sold over $29 billion.
  • The store is integrated with Amazon.com, Facebook store, Pinterest store and other third parties.
  • The warehouse is based in New Jersey with real-time integration to the online store and high-volume capacity. It is equipped with specialty storage on hangers for fashion and climate control for cosmetics and fragrances.
  • Customer Service is 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST and offers optional extended 24/7 hours for high-volume brand sites and peak times.
  • Newsletter management and creative is integrated with Mailchimp.
  • Social marketing includes community management, targeted audience advertising, and remarketing on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.
  • Paid Advertising includes Google Adwords Search, Gmail (GSP), Display Network, and Remarketing.

eBrand Commerce brings over 10 years of expertise in all areas of e-commerce. Its highly experienced team approaches every e-commerce launch through a uniquely collaborative partnership with its clients. Its team members have worked for some of the largest and leading e-commerce operations in the world, including Sephora.com and LouisVuitton.com. eBrand Success was born out of the desire to provide a unique, end-to-end, integrated solution available for all beauty brands, regardless of size.

Sebastien Ozanne, CEO of eBrand Commerce, explains the very reason for eBrand Success: “I still see a lot of struggles in companies to manage e-commerce as things move quicker than ever, traffic and price competition get tougher, and it always requires more channels and integrations. We offer all our experience and leverage our infrastructure to guarantee a smooth execution, then focus as business partners on what matters to grow the business. We are working carefully with brands one-by-one to tailor each customer acquisition strategy. The business model allows the brand to keep control and make the final choices.”

eBrand Commerce, Inc. was founded in 2006 as a spinoff of Prosodie (now Cap Gemini Outsourcing), and operates in the US and Europe offering e-commerce and multi-channel solutions to consumer goods brands.

eBrand Commerce's Mission is to provide a full-service e-commerce solution for brands to sell direct on the Internet. eBrand Commerce offers a unique approach dedicated to the Beauty, Fashion, and Luxury markets.

For sales information, visit www.ebrandcommerce.com or call +1 888 511 2728

Press contact:

Sebastien Ozanne, Chairman & CEO
eBrand Commerce, Inc.

 IRCE Booth #577

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eBrand Commerce is an all-encompassing eCommerce service provider offering full service or a la carte:
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