Ebay Meets OKCupid With New Auction-Based Dating Site

On "PriceDate.com" daters literally bid for the chance to meet in person.

Some people call online dating "people shopping." Well, that description has become more of a reality with a new site called PriceDate.com, which literally combines the auction format of Ebay with the dating angle of sites like OKCupid. Daters offer themselves on the marketplace, where actual bidding takes place, the prize being a predetermined, 2-hour block of the dater's time. The winner gets the girl and the chance to charm her. The girl has a (hopefully) fun time and she pockets some cash (via PayPal). It's a whole new meaning to the term "on the market."

PriceDate.com founder, Alexander Greenberg, said "PriceDate.com rids the dating market of lies, dishonesty, frustration and waste of time. The participants get their honest worth, in dating success or their personal time value. It is how the dating market should be for honest, busy, hard-working people."

This site should not be mistaken for an on-line prostitution exchange. Sexual activity is completely prohibited during a PriceDate, and to ensure the site is not used for promotion or solicitation of sexual services, auctions with explicit and suggestive sexual content (verbal and/or visual) are prohibited. To maintain decency standards the auction pages are policed by administrators, and participants are encouraged to report violations.

What also sets this site apart from others is that a lot of thought is given to assure a fair play. Dater's personal information is not revealed until the auction winner pays the winning bid. The payment is made ahead of the date to the site's escrow account - and is transferred to the dater only if the PriceDate is completed without a complaint. Cheaters will be weeded out quickly - one failure to pay the winning bid, or 3 complaints of standing up the date, and the participant is banned from the site.

PriceDate.com turns the often flakey world of online dating much more focused by literally setting a value on the dater's time. PriceDate.com sets a single objective criterion to secure a date. Liars, braggarts and blowhards will not have advantage over honest men, and will not waste honest women's time.


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