Easycare Academy, Great Hongqiao International Hospital Management Company, and Pinetree Care Group to Provide Training and Education for Caregivers in Shanghai

​Great Hongqiao International Hospital Management Company, Ltd (‘GHI’), Pinetree Care Group (‘PCG’) and EasyCare Academy (Switzerland) S.A (‘ECA’), today announced that they have entered into a memorandum of understanding in which they will partner to form the first Sino-Swiss joint venture in Shanghai to train and educate care workers who focus on supporting older adults to age with dignity in their own homes.

This new venture, with registered offices in the Pudong New District of Shanghai, will provide classroom-based and online educational training for care workers in Shanghai.  It will be aligned with international standards and the policies and guidelines of the CPC Central Committee and State Council on Ageing.  The goal will be to encourage local community-based support for older adults’ caregiving; either from individuals working in related vocations or those wishing to enter the field.  This will be achieved, through ECA’s best in-class, comprehensive and accredited curriculum which is based on the principles of person-centred and outcomes-based compassionate care.

“We are excited to be partnering with these two leading organizations, who share our commitment to the delivery of highest-quality care, to bring our accredited learning platform and standardized methodology to train workers on the care of older adults in Shanghai,” said Peter NICHOLSON, Chairman, President & CEO of ECA.  ”Shanghai has a large and rapidly ageing population.  By providing training and education for caregivers, we can help support people to remain independent at home and live better as they live longer.”

ECA is a Geneva, Switzerland headquartered social impact company focused on changing the future of ageing by providing accredited vocational training and education for those who are caregivers and those who want to become caregivers.  The company has developed a proprietary digital education platform focused on providing coursework through which progressive levels of expertise and certification are achieved as students complete the structured and accredited course curriculum.

”China’s ageing population has been increasing rapidly.  To meet the growing demand for improved quality of life, the central and local government place a high degree of importance on health care and older adults’ caregiving,” said Mr. Hongmin Song, President of GHI.  “GHI is delighted to join hands with Swiss-based ECA and PCG to establish Shanghai’s first Sino-Swiss joint venture that will be focused on older adults’ caregiving training and education.  We will cooperate to build up a professional, standardized and branded health and caregiving platform.”

”Caregiving in China has an enormous opportunity to flourish, as the long-term care insurance system is being piloted, and international partnerships with the industry are strongly encouraged.  It is also facing the challenge of maintaining person-centred quality services while scaling up to meet the growing market needs,“ said Ninie WANG, President & CEO of PCG.  ”This partnership is perfectly timed and well-positioned to capture the opportunity, combining international best practice with local innovation.”

According to the World Health Organization, the number of older adults requiring daily care is expected to increase by up to 60% by 2050, indicating a rapid increase in the demand for long term care in China, and even more so in Shanghai given its rapidly ageing population.  In-home outcomes-based care professionals, a model that PCG helped pioneer, and for which it is nationally recognized, is emerging as a powerful solution to meet these growing long term care needs.

About EasyCare Academy

Based on 29 years’ research experience across nearly 50 countries, ECA is a Swiss-based social impact company focused on supporting personalized care for healthy ageing to enable people to live better as they live longer.  Their digital platform, validated by more than 90 scientific, peer-reviewed publications, assesses biological, social, psychological and environmental domains to understand older people’s concerns and generate a personalized response that connects individuals to local resources and solutions.  ECA works with caregivers – family members, paid caregivers, healthcare professionals and others focused on supporting people as they age – providing best-in-class tools, training and education and empowering them to support the health, independence and well-being of older people while lowering the burden on healthcare budgets.  More information about ECA can be found at www.EasyCareAcademy.com.

About Pinetree Care Group

Established in 2004, PCG provides outcomes-based healthcare services for community-dwelling Chinese seniors as well as other patients in need by professional caregivers.  With innovative service models, advanced information technology and a team of professional talents, PCG has become China's most trusted consumer brand in the elderly care and healthcare service industry.  By the end of 2017, PCG has provided 4.26 million person-time services to 320,000 families.  PCG was among the first organizations to be recognized as ‘Model for Respecting the Elderly’ by China National Committee on Ageing.  In 2015 the Health China Convention named PCG, ‘the most trusted (caregiving) brand by consumers’.  PCG’s service model has been ISO9001, 14001 and 18001 accredited.  PCG has worked with the Geriatric Department of Peking Union Medical College Hospital to pioneer a continuous care model, has participated in various scientific research projects including national home rehabilitation study.  PCG is a strong advocate for an accessible and affordable integrated care model for healthy ageing.

About Great Hongqiao International Hospital Management Group

GHI is a hospital-brand management organization approved and endorsed by SAIC (State Administration for Industry and Commerce).  Located at Shanghai Great Hongqiao Business District, GHI is committed to the modernization of medicare industry’s investment and operations management.  GHI is a member of Shanghai Health Science and Technology Association Vice Presidency.  Its business scope includes specialty hospital franchise management, equity investment management in medical technology, nursing care training and certification, hospital logistics management, and the integrated development and outsourced management of other corresponding healthcare fields.  Firmly adhering to the principle of ‘curing and healing’, ‘Eastern & Western combining’, ‘harmoniously developing’, ‘multi-benefiting’, GHI strives to create superior technology for the medical industry and promote mutual-assistance service platforms in order to better serve and benefit the society.

Source: EasyCare Academy