Easy Design Solutions Launches TopHomeBuilders.com to Showcase America's Best Home Builders

With solid marketing experience in the building industry, EDS hand-selected the country's most reputable and qualified builders to connect them with those ready to build a home

In an effort to help home builders build a reputation online and connect with more home buyers, Easy Design Solutions (EDS) has launched the TopHomeBuilders.com directory platform where qualified builders can list a free profile and showcase their craftsmanship. 

The website connects those looking to build a home with the best home builders in the country and provides marketing and lead-capture tools for home builders, as well as search and shortlist and builder reviews features for those looking to hire a home builder. TopHomeBuilders.com is designed to help home builders generate leads and increase brand awareness and online reputation while connecting with quality leads already in the market looking for the perfect builder to build their dream home.

It's therefore expected that TopHomeBuilders.com users are looking for an enjoyable and seamless experience when researching and hiring top home-building and construction services. In order to provide this, TopHomeBuilders.com relies on a strong digital marketing platform that allows home builders to showcase their homes and build relationships with their customers. 

The directory platform offers a variety of features for the free account holders, including but not limited to:

  • Contact the builders directly to request information
  • Save favorites
  • Leave reviews for builders
  • Create lists of potential builders
  • Access free resources and articles about home building

"The idea for the TopHomeBuilders.com directory started from my personal experience with looking to build or buy a new home. I was unaware of how lengthy and hard the process is for the buyer. I had to do an internet search and then visit each home builder's website, create a hand-written shortlist of the builders I wanted to interview, then read articles about the home-building process and contact each builder separately," said Claudia Chaudhari, CEO of Easy Design Solutions. "TopHomeBuilders.com solves this problem by allowing visitors to shortlist and compare builders, save favorites, and review and contact each builder, all from the same place. My personal favorite feature is that you can browse through hundreds of photos and available move-in-ready homes listed directly by builders."  

The lack of direct online connection between the home builders and the customer makes the TopHomeBuilders.com platform a much-needed resource in the industry. The directory's goal is to build a solid platform for home builders that will allow them to retain their customer base and continue to grow their business while providing resources, guidance and home design inspiration to those looking to build their dream home. A win-win for both sides.

About EDS:

Easy Design Solutions (EDS) was founded by Claudia Chaudhari in 2018. EDS is a digital advertising agency that provides custom-tailored digital advertising and web design services to the home building and construction industry.

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