Easily Develop Bluetooth IoT Applications With BlueApp.io, Now Supporting the Proposed W3C Standard for Web Bluetooth

Vensi, Inc. announces the latest update to BlueApp.io to support Web Bluetooth to communicate with Remote Bluetooth Devices. This solution connects all of your Bluetooth devices to a web dashboard to remotely control and monitor them. With the support of the proposed Web Bluetooth standard it easy to build applications or use existing applications that are available.

What Does BlueApp Do?

Currently there are millions of Bluetooth devices already in the market and more devices are coming into the market everyday. These devices include sensors, scales, control equipment, and more. BlueApp.io provides the communication platform to connect all of these devices to remotely, monitor and control them. This works with billions of existing devices without the need to modify or update them with newer protocols, providing the quickest path to a full fledged Internet of Things (IoT) solution.

BlueApp.io uses the Bluetooth Web Standard with W3C for running applications, This opens up the platform to the web developers to easily develop Bluetooth applications. Its unique approach to easily add applications, makes it the ideal choice to build your next Bluetooth application.

BlueApp.io is built on the scalable Amazon Web Services platform providing the ability to deploy large scale applications with various devices. Our unique gateway approach can use existing iOS and Android platforms to develop the applications before deploying them.

Regardless of the industry, BlueApp.io can be easily customized to be deployed across different verticals with easy to develop applications. Some examples of industries we work with include industrial, HVAC, process, home automation, and much more. BlueApp along with BluTerm will be a perfect to connect with RS232, RS485, Modbus, BACnet devices to remotely control and monitor. Register your account and test out the apps that are already developed or you can work with our team to build your own applications.

BlueApp.io team is proud to be part of IoT World event in Santa Clara to show case the solution to developers, customers and partners, visit us at booth S33.

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