Earthling Security Enables Finvi to Achieve FedRAMP P-ATO

Earthling Security, LLC is proud to announce that, by partnering with the Finvi (Formerly Ontario Systems) team and providing them with a managed FedRAMP service offering in Amazon Web Services, Finvi has achieved FedRAMP Moderate Provisional-Authority Operate (P-ATO) from the Department of Treasury for Ontario Cloud Federal (OCF). 

Finvi's Ontario Federal Cloud (OFC) is one of the few cloud products selected by the Department of Treasury for an Authority to Operate. The Department of Treasury and the FedRAMP Program Management Office has recognized Finvi as critical to managing and innovating receivables and collections technology in conjunction with the federal government. Enabling clients to achieve FedRAMP authorization is in keeping with Earthling Security's commitment to provide Cloud Service Providers and federal contractors with the ability to do business through our ready-made compliant environments. 

"After releasing our innovative FedRAMP-as-a-Service™, now with an automated governance portal and Infrastructure-as-Code offering, we have seen nothing but success for our clients. Earthling Security is now able to get an application to ATO in a much tighter time frame with better results and more efficient security. This benefits everyone from the contractor or SaaS platform to the agency sponsoring them," said Yusuf Ahmed, Earthling Security's CEO. 

About Finvi 

Finvi ( is the leading provider of financial expert services for all phases of the building lifecycle. Finvi is a premier provider of enterprise technologies that streamline and accelerate revenue recovery for clients across healthcare, government, accounts receivable management, and financial institutions.

Source: Earthling Security

About Earthling Security

Government and commercial organizations have to have secure systems, with compliant, properly designed and implemented architectures. Earthling Security is accredited to assess / audit and designs, builds, automates,and implements those architectures, systems, and applications. As a strategic, end-to-end Cloud Computing, IT Security and Secure DevOps solutions company with extensive experience, our focus is to provide tailored and strategic business solutions to support and optimize the business mission of our valued clients. As a leading provider of both auditing services and ready-made compliant business environments, Earthling Security enables our clients to certify and trust their vendors.

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