Earth Day Tips for Telecommuters

For Earth Day, Telework Recruiting offers telecommuters tips to further help the environment.

It's been forty-six years since 20 million protesters gathered throughout the United States to cry out against pollution, oil spills, and toxic dumping which was destroying our planet. April twenty-second has since evolved into a global awareness effort to protect the Earth from continued harm.

Telecommuting is helping the planet by keeping cars off the highways. It's a work style that's finally caught on, and millions of people are doing their part by working from home or allowing their employees to work from home.

However, says Founder & CEO of Telework Recruiting, Inc., Pamela La Gioia, "Much more can be done by teleworkers to help protect the Earth, right from their very own home offices."

For those who have already embraced telecommuting and would like to do more to conserve energy and reduce harmful pathogens, La Gioia offers these tips that collectively can make a big impact:

• Work on laptops as they use 80% less electricity than desktop computers.
• Switch to LED light bulbs, which use 85% less energy than regular bulbs, and can save $100.00 over the course of each bulb's lifetime.
• Set computers to hibernate or even sleep mode, which uses less energy than a screensaver.
• Unplug office coffee pots or other items that continue to run because of a clock feature, and unplug chargers as they still draw energy even if not being used.
• Now that warmer weather is here, dress down before cranking on the air conditioner.
• Spread plants throughout your office as they remove numerous harmful gasses from the air.
• Work outside in natural lighting, which also increases productivity.
• Reuse old printer paper by shredding it for packing filler.
• Purchase a water purifier for the sink rather than buying cases of plastic bottled water.
• Recycle everything from computer monitors, to batteries, to cores from tape dispensers.
• Working with pets is common for teleworkers, so pick up after them outside. Pet fecal matter is NOT compost and contain hazardous pathogens.

Telework Recruiting, Inc. suggests that telecommuters who want to learn more about waste, what can be recycled, and where to take recyclable items to visit:,,, and

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