Earth Day 2022: First-Ever 'Energy Storage Sustainability Fact Book' Released by Crown Battery

A Roadmap for Environmentally Conscious Battery Users

Crown Battery's Energy Storage Sustainability Fact Book

Energy storage demand has almost tripled since 2020. And as the world decarbonizes, many companies are committed to aggressive climate and sustainability goals throughout their supply chains. Crown Battery, one of the world's longest-operating energy storage companies, invested more than 1,000 hours creating the first-ever "Sustainability Fact Book" to help battery users improve sustainability.

"Right now, the battery industry is in an investment gold rush, and we're seeing a rise in aggressive environmental claims and marketing," says John Connell, Vice President of Crown Battery's SLI Products Group. "For instance, some batteries are touted as 'green' but are recycled just 5% of the time. You'd never know that from reading their brochure."

Connell adds, "Separating battery fact from 'greenwashing' starts with education. But few people have time to scour scientific papers and ESG reports. That's why we created the 'Energy Storage Sustainability Fact Book.' It's designed to help businesses and homeowners reach their sustainability goals. And it lays out key considerations to reduce environmental footprints and operating costs."

This easy-to-follow guide distills critical findings from Department of Energy (DOE) pilot programs, Fortune 500 warehouses, Central Asia's largest microgrid, and North America's biggest off-grid school. The Fact Book is available here.

Crown's 'Sustainability Fact Book' covers the essentials to evaluate battery recyclability, renewability, and safety:

  • Which batteries are 99% recycled, and which are 95% landfilled (sources: US EPA, International Energy Agency, US DOE)
  • Why a manufacturer's "energy mix" is critical for battery sustainability
  • Five steps to reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions in any industry or building
  • Employee Safety, Clean Water and Air: Which policies, equipment, and training protect workers and communities
  • Proven tips to avoid the leading cause of early battery failure, regardless of brand
  • Questions to identify marketing hype and greenwashing

The Fact Book also reveals behind-the-scenes insights and lessons from Crown Battery's global sustainability program. This includes Crown's switching to 100% renewable energy for manufacturing, sourcing approximately 80% previously recycled materials, and becoming the first battery company recognized as a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Green Power Partner.

"Crown's Energy Storage Sustainability Guide and Progress Report shows readers exactly how to improve energy storage sustainability and make informed decisions," says Hal Hawk, President and CEO of Crown Battery. "That way, they can go green and save green -- no matter which battery chemistry or manufacturer they choose."

For a free copy of the Energy Storage Sustainability Fact Book, visit Crown Battery's Sustainability microsite now.


About Crown Battery Manufacturing

Founded in 1926, Crown Battery is committed to 100% renewable, lower-carbon energy storage for more than 100 markets on six continents -- including powering schools, hospitals, warehouses, and homes.

Crown Battery is the world's leading manufacturer of 99% recyclable, deep-cycle batteries. Crown batteries are 100% US-Engineered and -Manufactured -- and every one of Crown's lead-acid batteries comes from its ISO 9001:2015-certified plant in Fremont, Ohio. Batteries also use ~80% recycled materials. The plant incorporates high-efficiency robotic welding and 100% renewable energy.

Crown's consistent efficiency and sustainability efforts earned it the following American Electric Power (AEP) Ohio awards: Sustained Excellence Award (2020, 2015, and 2014); Continuous Energy Improvement Award (2016); and Energy Efficiency Champion Award (2013).

Tony Zarembski
Director of Marketing to Reverse Climate Change
Green Collar Marketing

Source: Crown Battery Manufacturing


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