Earnhardt Woman to Woman Is Proud to Recognize the All-Female Quick Lube Service Team

Earnhardt Woman to Woman is proud to recognize the all-female quick lube service team now in the Earnhardt Lexus Service Department. Service technicians Alondra Hernandez, Faith Howard, and Cynthia Vidrio may not have intended to blaze a trail, but they are definitely changing the way that people look at their profession.

"Hopefully, when women see us doing this job, we will inspire some to seek jobs in this field," Alondra Hernandez said. "Our team shouldn't be such an unusual occurrence."

"Growing up, I rarely saw a woman automotive technician," added Faith Howard. "Maybe we can change that."

Unlike many professions today, the gender gap for mechanics has barely changed since 1999, when it was under 2%. The percentage in 2020 was 1.4%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics

"The automotive technician field is still more than 90% male, and that's what makes this team remarkable," explained Mollie Everett, Corporate Advertising Manager for Earnhardt Auto Centers. "We celebrate this achievement and look forward to the change this represents."

Hernandez and Howard have been technicians for two years, and Vidrio is a technician apprentice. While it is significant that this trio of auto technicians is all female, they are not the first women to work in the service department at Earnhardt Lexus. 

These three follow in the footsteps of a legendary technician, Ali Prager. In the Earnhardt Lexus service department, there is a sign dedicated to her memory.

"Ali could rebuild almost any engine," explained Larry Bockius, service manager at Earnhardt Lexus. "She really made an impact with 20 years of service. It's good to see these newer technicians following in her footsteps."

"Historically, female drivers have felt marginalized by the automotive industry, whether it was by a mechanic or during the car-buying process," explained Mollie. "That's why Woman to Woman exists. In fact, we sponsor free car care classes to help women gain knowledge and confidence."

Earnhardt Auto Centers, a multi-generational family company, began Woman to Woman to better connect with female customers. 

"I'd like to add that there is always a shortage of good service technicians," said Bockius. "I hope more women will consider this profession."

"In the meantime, we'll be here doing our jobs and enjoying the challenges it brings," said Cynthia Vidrio.

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Source: Earnhardt Auto Centers