Early Detection Of Breast Cancer Saves Thousands Of Lives Each Year!

Breast cancer awareness is highly critical in educating people on early detection and treatments, which can save many lives.

Breast cancer is quite prevalent in our society and as such, we must be sure to spread breast cancer awareness. Through education, many lives can be saved, as early detection is so important. When detected early on through screening, breast cancer is typically smaller and only confined to the breast. However, when breast cancer is detected due to other symptoms, it tends to be larger and to have spread to other areas of the body. The best way to find breast cancer early is through a mammogram. Women over the age of 50 should receive mammograms every two years, while women over 20 and over should regularly practice breast self exams.

Breast cancer has a variety of risk factors. Unlike skin cancer and lung cancer, they may not be so obvious. These risk factors include smoking, drinking, diet, pharmaceuticals, aging and even chemical laden personal care products and cosmetics. There are many others that are environmental, pollution, toxins from cleaning agents, and even seemingly innocent products such as fabric softener, which have also been found to be carcinogenic.

For those who cannot afford screening, the National Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program (NBCCEDP) provides breast and cervical cancer screenings to those without insurance who are also low-income and underserved for free or at a very low cost. Age and income requirements vary by state.

While one is being treated for breast cancer, they must take certain precautions. The treatment can take a toll on the body and might not mix well with certain pharmaceuticals. Due to this, it is best that those undergoing treatment have a medical ID bracelet that states they are being treated for breast cancer and lists any pharmaceuticals they may be taking. This is to prevent anything going awry, should the patient need medical care, while they are unconscious or can't speak for themselves.

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