EarHugger Safety Products Launches Ruggedized Heavy-Duty Speaker Microphone Compatible With Multiple Radios

EarHugger's Heavy-Duty Speaker Microphone has many vital features that allow for an enhanced effort while on duty. With more ruggedized material, compatibility, and weatherproofing, this speaker mic is ready for whatever situation you are thrown into. Privately communicate with your team, quickly get information, decrease noise interference, and keep your mind clear, focused, and free from distractions with EarHugger's Heavy-Duty Speaker Microphone.

Ruggedized Heavy-Duty Speaker Microphone

EarHugger® Safety Products, the industry leader in radio accessories for over two decades, is excited to announce the launch of the Heavy-Duty Speaker Microphone. This ruggedized speaker microphone is designed for use in the most extreme and rigorous conditions imaginable.  

Key Features and Functions 

  • Radio connecter available to fit handsets of all major makes and models.
  • Heavy-duty strain relief on both the speaker microphone and radio connector.
  • Removable heavy-duty clothing clip.
  • Large and easily locatable push-to-talk button.
  • Omni-directional microphone.
  • Exceptionally audible built-in speaker.
  • 3.5 mm audio jack for use with listen-only earpieces.

EarHugger® continues to listen to feedback from long-time users and designs innovative new products based on their recommendations. The Heavy-Duty Speaker Microphone has been rigorously tested and designed to meet the demands of law enforcement, military, and private security agencies. It has a gold-plated radio connector to ensure crisp and clear transmissions. It also comes equipped with an extended range premium speaker to ensure transmissions can be heard even in the noisiest environments. 

About EarHugger® Safety Products: EarHugger® is the global leader in durable radio accessories. Founded in 1995, EarHugger® has been trusted by law enforcement and military personnel around the globe for over 25 years. For more information, please feel free to visit www.earhugger.com

Source: EarHugger Safety Products


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