E-Reign's "Gotta Go" ... Straight to the Top

"Gotta Go" is E-Reign's latest single and it's an addictive and inspiring trip with a lesson in taking the higher road than all your baiters and haters. "I know what it's like to have to rise above, but in a positive way. I aim to inspire my fans to do the same." - E-Reign

E-Reign has had an avalanche of positive critiques on his recent single releases. However, this rising New York artist knows what it is like to rise above negative critics. He knows when you “Gotta Go” and take the higher road than all your haters. His latest track is “Gotta Go” and it coincides with the release of the official music video for his previous song entitled, “Need More.” Now, E-Reign has his eyes on the charts, he’s on the move, and he’s “Gotta Go” to the top.
It’s been a busy summer for this swag - yet humble - hip- hopper. E-Reign has had enormous success, releasing three singles since May, all gaining significant airplay. The first two singles dropped to radio include “Need More” and “Serious.”

The most recent release, “Gotta Go,” continues E-Reign’s branded style of staying positive with his art. He strives to be motivational and inspiring. He describes the creation of the single, “This track focuses on ‘going for yours.’ You have to ignore the haters and baiters and their negative energy.” “Gotta Go” was recorded, produced and mixed by K-Roc and E-Reign with additional help from the gifted Tha Kid Carnage. The single is a funk-laden
instrumental mix of synth and electronic riffs. With a strong lyrical line, intense percussion and bass, “Gotta Go” has a hooky storyline about fulfilling one’s dreams.

"Gotta Go" is the latest single from E-Reign, and is available on all major digital retail outlets.
While an official music video is in-the-works for “Gotta Go,” E-Reign has just released the video for his previous single, “Need More.” It was directed by Director Gambino and shot in New York. It shows E-Reign in his element, what he calls his “Empire State of Mind.” E-Reign has been on the move this year. If you are “Serious” and “Need More” E-Reign, you “Gotta Go” hit his website or iTunes and get the latest release. You might want to follow him because it’s to the top he’s “Gotta Go."  https://play.spotify.com/album/2fs09sav7I0jj60cJsXKdy



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