Dynapower Launches Innovative Dual-Purpose Power Conversion Technology

Highly efficient three-level topology provides the ideal balance of efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness, along with industry-leading power density

Dynapower's Dual Purpose Power Conversion Technology

Dynapower, a Sensata Technologies company and a global leader in power conversion and energy storage solutions, offers our fifth generation of the Compact Power Systems (CPS) family of power conversion technology. 

Dynapower's latest generation of power converters are designed for both IGBT Boost Rectifier use and Fuel Cell Inverter applications. Both the CPS-2500 and CPS-1250 will be certified to UL 1741 Ed. 3, including SB smart inverter requirements. Key features and benefits of the CPS-2500 and CPS-1250 include:

  • Flexibility: The high degree of flexibility in output range performance and modularity with paralleled units allows the CPS to serve as an IGBT Boost Rectifier for hydrogen production or as a Fuel Cell Inverter for fuel cell applications.
  • Key features for Hydrogen production: The CPS-2500 and CPS-1250 have all the pros of IGBT Choppers, including no power factor correction requirements, no need for additional harmonic filtering, low DC ripple, simple transformer requirements, easy operation and maintenance, excellent control of load current, and rapid software protections.
  • Advanced technologies for Fuel Cell applications: The CPS product line offers best-in-class control modes including Dynapower's patented Dynamic Transfer, isochronous and droop-based islanding, black start capability with robust inrush AC current limiting, and are capable of power control and DC voltage control with active current and voltage curtailment.

To learn more about the Gen5 CPS, please visit our IGBT Boost Rectifier page or Fuel Cell Inverters page.


About Dynapower

Since 1963, Dynapower, a Sensata Technologies company, has provided power electronics solutions, along with an array of aftermarket services focused on continuous reliability and efficiency to an ever-expanding global customer base. Dynapower is a trusted leader in all types of power conversion equipment including high-power rectifiers, inverters, DC/DC converters, integrated battery energy storage systems, and transformers for use in hydrogen, e-mobility, energy storage, industrial, mining, defense, and research applications. With headquarters and a 150,000-square-foot vertically integrated manufacturing facility in South Burlington, VT, Dynapower is collaborating with its partners and clients to shift the way our world uses power and advance our resilient, clean energy future. Learn more at dynapower.com.

About Sensata Technologies

Sensata Technologies is a global industrial technology company striving to create a cleaner, more efficient, electrified and connected world. Through its broad portfolio of sensors, electrical protection components and sensor-rich solutions which create valuable business insights, Sensata helps its customers address increasingly complex engineering and operating performance requirements. With more than 21,000 employees and global operations in 16 countries, Sensata serves customers in the automotive, heavy vehicle & off-road, industrial, and aerospace markets. Learn more at www.sensata.com and follow Sensata on LinkedInFacebook and Twitter.

Source: Dynapower

About Dynapower

Since 1963, Dynapower, a Sensata Technologies company, has provided power electronics solutions, along with an array of aftermarket services focused on continuous reliability and efficiency to an ever-expanding global customer base.

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