Dynamic Promotions Prepares for Busy Holiday Season

Dynamic Promotions' president discussed the firm's preparations for the holiday season. He also highlighted marketing trends to watch during the holidays.

“Like everyone else, we are excited about the upcoming holiday season,” said Dan L., the president of Dynamic Promotions. “We understand that it takes a lot of work to make this hectic time of year a successful one, so we are deep into our preparations. Our team is ready to close out 2015 on a positive note so we can go into next year with a head of steam.”

Company leaders always focus on creating memorable and unique experiences for customers. During the holidays, this dedication reaches a higher level. The president explained, “We know that people expect more personalized attention during the holiday season, so we are committed to providing it. The people behind the brands we promote can be confident that our associates know their target audience and they understand how to connect with buyers on an intimate level.”

"We pride ourselves here at Dynamic Promotions on giving customers what they want,"

Dan L., Company President

Dan also believes in making expectations as clear as possible when entering the busy holiday season. “I don’t want our team members to be overwhelmed when things get hectic,” he added. “When the holidays approach, I remind them of what we need to accomplish and what will be required. I make sure that we are all on the same page and working toward the same aggressive goals on behalf of the brands we represent.”

Dynamic Promotions’ President Outlines a Few Trends for the 2015 Holiday Season

The business landscape is evolving quickly, and every holiday season brings new trends that companies must embrace. Consumers are up to speed on these trends, so marketing professionals cannot afford to be behind the curve. “We pride ourselves here at Dynamic Promotions on giving customers what they want,” the president added. “The holidays give us a great opportunity to prove that commitment, and we come through every year.”

Social media is certainly nothing new, but it is becoming an integral part of holiday shopping. Last year, one study showed that about 65 percent of shoppers used social media to find the right gifts. Dan is excited to utilize the power of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other applications this year to give represented brands a competitive edge. He explained, “Our team at Dynamic Promotions will make consumers’ interactions with brands quick and easy by leveraging the power of social media. It’s an ideal way to make promotions personal. Plus, we can reach people anywhere they go.”

Mobile advertising is also huge during the holidays, and it figures to be even more so this year. “Over 100 million people will make purchases using a mobile device during this holiday season,” the president stated. “We will have a significant presence in the mobile realm which will help the brands we represent close out the year on a high note.”

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