Dynamic New Partnership Addresses the Issues of Delinquent Maintenance Collections in Condo and HOA Associations

Axela Technologies and mem property management announce a strategic alliance to bring innovative and effective collections solutions to condominiums and homeowner associations

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​​​​​​​​​Axela Technologies, a specialized collections firm servicing the community association industry, has announced a strategic alliance with mem property management, one of the leading association management firms in New Jersey.

This partnership challenges the status quo of delinquent maintenance fee collection, utilizing cutting edge technology and personal engagement with property owners.

“Since the real estate meltdown a decade ago, recording liens and foreclosing on delinquent units somehow continues to be the default solution for community associations,” said Martin Urruela, CEO of Axela Technologies. “Times have changed, and today we are looking at a different dynamic. By embracing innovative and personalized collection methods, associations can recover what they are owed without having to send property owners straight to legal proceedings and eventual foreclosure. Our process is a much better way to address this issue, both from the human and financial side of the equation,” Urruela explains.

Axela’s platform automates many of the mundane and time-consuming aspects of any collections process, keeping costs low and also providing complete transparency to its association clients and their owners. Together with a process built on education and respectful engagement, Axela not only aims to collect past-due assessments but also work with owners to help them get back on track and stay in their homes. Axela strongly believes that legal action should be the last option, not the first.

mem property management shares this belief and has begun the process of onboarding all of their communities onto the Axela platform. “We’re taking a proactive approach, very different from the ‘sue first, ask questions later and send a big bill’ attitude of most law firms," said Martin Laderman, founder and CEO of mem Property Management. “We’re adopting a new approach – working directly, collaboratively and respectfully with the owners, using a highly effective communications and negotiations strategy that has proven incredibly successful for thousands of associations nationwide, securing the outstanding assessments owed to community associations, while improving financial stability and cash flow.”

An association is only as effective as its ability to collect from residents who have fallen behind or neglected their financial responsibilities to the community. However, the cost and time associated with recovering these funds can be a substantial burden on associations, the on-time payers and their managers. Axela integrates with a variety of third parties, including most major accounting software providers, allowing for the seamless flow of information and transparency.

“We’re reshaping how communities across the country address the ever-present issue of delinquencies," added Urruela, “and its good working with companies, such as mem, who put innovation and customer service at the forefront."


Axela Technologies is a collections firm that specializes in recovering delinquent assessments for the benefit of community associations. Axela reduces the cost of outreach and engagement by automating much of the standardized collections process, all while providing exceptional customer service and a centralized platform for all stakeholders in order to promote transparency and efficiency.

To learn more about Axela Technologies, please visit axela-tech.com or call 786.832.9849

mem property management supports a diverse range of communities throughout New Jersey. Through a series of strategic acquisitions and attracting the most experienced property management professionals in the region, mem has become one of the fastest growing private companies in the country, recognized in the prestigious Inc. 5000 list, while retaining the personalized touch and customized, hands-on approach that has contributed to its success serving multi-family properties in New Jersey.

To learn more about mem property management, please visit http://www.memproperty.com/ or call 201­798­-1080.

Source: Axela Technologies

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Axela Technologies is a collections company that specializes in recovering delinquent maintenance fees for the benefit of condominiums and homeowners associations.

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