DxNow Introduces ZyMōt™ Starter Pack to Expand the Introduction of ZyMōt™ Sperm Separation Devices Through Exclusive Reseller Partnership With IVF Store.

ZyMōt™ ICSI and ZyMōt™ Multi Sperm Separation Devices represent the next generation of sperm preparation, redefining expectations for ICSI, IUI and IVF procedures.

DxNow is announcing the introduction of the ZyMōt™ Starter Pack to expand the product offerings in its USA market introduction of ZyMōt Sperm Separation Devices. First of their kind, and FDA approved, ZyMōt ICSI and ZyMōt Multi Sperm Separation Devices deliver the best performing sperm for use in ICSI, IUI and IVF procedures. DxNow, Inc. (http://dxnow.com) initially announced its exclusive authorized reseller partnership with IVF Store, LLC (https://ivfstore.com) on August 13 of this year.

The ZyMōt™ Starter Pack is comprised of three each of the three ZyMōt device models: ZyMōt ICSI, ZyMōt Multi (850μl) and ZyMōt Multi (3ml). This combination package provides embryologists, andrologists, and other fertility clinic personnel the opportunity to use and evaluate each of the three ZyMōt device models with patient cases before making a further commitment to one or more of the ZyMōt device models.

“Augmenting DxNow’s direct selling and marketing efforts in the USA, our exclusive reseller partnership with IVF Store enables us to offer our customers the convenience of a one-stop shopping portal for many of the products typically used in their daily operations, providing an easy and cost-efficient means for ordering our ZyMōt Sperm Separation Devices”, said Bill Sharp, CEO of DxNow, Inc.

The ZyMōt devices simulate the cervical and uterine pathway that sperm must navigate to naturally fertilize an egg, recreating a process that has been preserved in nature for millions of years. With the goal of mimicking nature, ZyMōt devices facilitate the separation and preparation of highly-motile sperm with normal morphology for use in ART procedures. Presenting a simple and straightforward methodology, the ZyMōt devices provide considerable time savings when compared to conventional methods.

Regular sperm separation methods for IVF, such as the density gradient method, can require multiple rounds of centrifugation. This practice is known to create sperm-damaging reactive oxygen species and DNA fragmentation which can affect the outcomes of ART procedures. ZyMōt ICSI and ZyMōt Multi are innovative devices that efficiently isolate the healthiest, highest-motility sperm for use in ICSI, IUI and IVF procedures. ZyMōt devices create a microenvironment with microchannels and micropores, thus forming barrier mechanisms for the separation and selection of sperm with higher motility, better morphology, and lower DNA fragmentation. ZyMōt devices protect and preserve healthy sperm, one of the most crucial components in creating good quality embryos and IVF success. For more information on DxNow’s ZyMōt, please visit https://zymotfertility.com.

About DxNow, Inc.

Leveraging technologies developed by Dr. Utkan Demirci (Demirci Bio-Acoustic MEMS in Medicine Labs, Stanford University School of Medicine), DxNow is developing sperm separation products to assist clinical practitioners in the selection of healthy motile sperm, with the ultimate objective of enabling improved outcomes for couples undergoing ART procedures. Our fertility products standardize the process and eliminate the need and for time-consuming sample preparation and sperm-damaging centrifugation. The result is a simple and fast method, enabling the embryologist to consistently select sperm with higher motility, better morphology, lower ROS generation and lower DNA fragmentation.

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