Dusk to Dawn Urgent Care Los Angeles Reports Smash-and-Grab of Critical Medical Supplies and COVID Test Kits Affecting Hundreds of Patients

Dr. Vinson Eugene Allen Wants to Work With Community Leaders and Law Enforcement to Stop Smash-and-Grab Vandalism

Dusk to Dawn Urgent Care Los Angeles — Paramount

Dusk to Dawn Urgent Los Angeles reports smash-and-grab of medical supplies and COVID Test Kits early Monday, Aug. 28, 2023, around 4 a.m. Dusk to Dawn Urgent Care, Paramount location, which serves hundreds of patients, was robbed of thousands of dollars in critical medical supplies that supplied multiple office locations. Dr. Vinson Eugene Allen, founder of the urgent care chain, reported the incident to the Lakewood Sheriff's department, where an investigation is in place. Video surveillance shows two individuals carrying large duffle bags of medical supplies walking away to a possible unseen vehicle. Dr. Allen shared a social media post on Facebook, describing the robbery event that took place at Dusk to Dawn Urgent Care in Paramount California. 

Dusk to Dawn Urgent Care serves over 100,000 Los Angeles and Orange County patients and is known for its 20 years of community outreach. Founders Dr. Vinson Eugene Allen and his wife Dr. Connie Yu Allen were recently celebrated on July 01, 2023, receiving California's First Responders Award for their heroic impact on Southern California during the pandemic of 2020. The power couple spearheads many charity events around the state, with outreach programs supporting many California communities.

Dr. Vinson Eugene Allen states, "Smash-and-grab vandalism is beginning to become a norm for many California businesses. In these challenging times, it is imperative for the community, law enforcement agencies, and healthcare providers to come together in addressing this issue. I believe by raising awareness among the public and actively collaborating with local authorities, we can work towards preventing future incidents like this from occurring."

Dr. Vinson Eugene Allen and his wife Dr. Connie Yu Allen are planning to meet with city leaders and law enforcement this week concerning the overnight robberies happening in Los Angeles. Dusk to Dawn Urgent Care is currently adding new security measures for all of its locations and promises to have new supplies soon to serve its patients.


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