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Durian Harvests

Malaysia based MK Durian Harvests Sdn. Bhd. “Durian Harvests” who is part of the Plantations International group of companies is very pleased to announce the launch of their white label corporate business solutions program.

Durian Harvests white labeling program, also known as private labeling program, assists food and beverage companies that are interested in developing their own Musang King Durian related products. Through Durian Harvests program, independent food and beverage companies can now place their own branding and logos on a wide range of Musang King Durian products quickly and cost-effectively.

Durian is The King of Fruit, and The Musang King is the King of Durian!

Drew Forshaw

Director of Corporate Sales

Durian Harvests corporate business solutions program helps clients reach their goals by saving them both time and money. Furthermore, Durian Harvests also assists with the full concept design, product development and distribution of their Musang King Durian related products.

Durian Harvests retail product range includes Musang King Durian ice creams, beverages and snacks. Durian Harvests wholesale products include Musang King Durian paste and powder which are used by restaurants and F&B companies as ingredients in the production of a variety of products. 

About Durian Harvests

Durian Harvests is a Malaysian registered company providing Durian plantation management and other related services. It is part of Plantations International Agarwood group of companies, a multinational plantation and farm management company whose specialty is in providing sustainable agricultural, forestry and agroforestry management services for its clients. Durian Harvests’ mission is to become the leading provider and operator of Durian plantations globally – from plantation development and management to end product manufacturing. 

For further information, please contact:

Mr. Marvin Lee
Director of Communications
Plantations International Limited

Office: +852 5808 3775
Email: marvin.lee@plantationsinternational.com
Website: http://www.plantationsinternational.com

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