DUO Makes Maintaining Dental Health Easier

The new DUO mini-toothbrush and flosser help keep mouths clean all day


Unique Product Concepts, LLC announces the release of their new disposable mini-toothbrush with flosser. This new device provides an excellent way to effectively brush and floss on the fly for today's busy lifestyle.

The DUO was specifically designed to be a comprehensive on-the-go dental tool that cleans the teeth, tongue, cheeks and gums. The 3.0 inch size makes it simple to carry for anyone. Each DUO comes with a flosser at one end and a brush head at the other end.

The brush head is composed of soft polymer bristles that are uniquely designed with bristles exposed in all directions, so users can access all parts of the mouth without having to flip or spin the brush.

The bristles are great for removing stains from teeth and removing food particles from those tough areas such as the back of the tongue and cheeks. As the company website states, Fresh Breath Starts with a Clean Mouth.

Each brush head houses a minty-fresh bead for cleaning teeth and freshening breath, which completely dissolves while being used. The DUO leaves your teeth brighter and your breath minty fresh.

The main ingredient of the bead is peppermint oil, widely known for fighting bad breath, strengthening gums, and effectively whitening teeth. The DUO product is available in convenient, small packages of 18 units each, easily stored in a purse or glove compartment.

Although each brush is designed for one-time use, the brushes can be used more than once. No water or rinsing is required. They are currently available on Amazon and will be available in stores soon.

To find more information about this fabulous product, visit the company website at: www.duosmile.com.

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P.O. Box 1103, Chipley, Florida 32428

Website: http://duosmile.com

Phone: (850) 530-0471

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