DUI Monitoring System Allows Parents to Partner With Kids to Prevent Drinking and Driving

Smartphone based DUI monitoring system, GUARDRIDE, available in Apple App Store at end of August.


A brand new DUI monitoring system that allows parents and their kids to partner up to prevent drinking and driving launches at the end of August on the Apple App Store. The GUARDRIDE® system uses the Apple IOS platform on all fifth generation iPhones or newer. The system uses a BACtrack® Mobile breathalyzer and leading edge facial recognition software to perform a 30 second test for young drivers before they get behind the wheel. If the kid fails the tests, or starts driving without taking the tests, their parents are notified so they can take action.

“Underage kids drink and drive 2.4 million times a month. Being the parent of two teenagers I worry, because I know that even a good kid can make a bad decision,” said Brian Griffin, founder of GUARDRIDE. “I didn’t want to be constantly worrying every time my kids went out with their friends, so I looked for a solution that could help but there was none so I created GUARDRIDE, which is based off the idea of “trust but verify,” to give myself and other parents a tool to help keep our kids safe from drinking and driving.”

"Underage kids drink and drive 2.4 million times a month. Being the parent of two teenagers I worry, because I know that even a good kid can make a bad decision,"

Brian Griffin, Founder

GUARDRIDE contains two apps, one for parents and one for kids. Parents download the Guardian App on their phone while kids download the Driver App and are provided with the BACtrack® Mobile breathalyzer, which is one of the most accurate police grade fuel cell consumer breathalyzers on the market. Nothing has to be installed on the vehicle. A GUARDRIDE “session” occurs any time the system has been started and is actively monitoring the young driver. Young drivers are only required to take a test when they are participating in a GUARDRIDE session. Parents can schedule or start a GUARDRIDE session for a time when their high school or college age son or daughter will be driving and going out for the night with friends. The Driver App has a heartbeat connection with the GUARDRIDE server that looks for a live connection every 30 minutes during a session. If a heartbeat connection is not made, an alert is sent to the Guardian App to inform the parents that their son or daughters phone is offline and is no longer being monitored by the system.

During a GUARDRIDE session, the young driver must pass a breathalyzer test before they drive while identifying themselves using facial recognition software. If the driver fails the breathalyzer or the facial recognition test or starts driving without taking the test, the parent is notified and shown their son or daughter’s map location using a GPS locator. The app uses a motion sensor technology to determine if a kid starts driving without taking the test. To learn more about the GUARDRIDE system, you can watch their video at http://vimeo.com/171105289

In order to give parents an extra layer of safety, GUARDRIDE will soon be launching a patent pending steel Key Guard that will prevent kids from putting their key into the ignition until they pass their Breathalyzer test with facial recognition. They will also be creating a keyless entry Key Guard.

GUARDRIDE® will be available in the Apple App store starting at the end of August. The future of GUARDRIDE includes a variety of young driver safety tools and resources as well as for the commercial and public transportation industries.


GUARDRIDE believes the best way to reduce drunk driving among young drivers is to create a way for parents to constructively engage with their kids and form a partnership based on the principle of “trust but verify”. Because even a good kid can make a bad decision. GUARDRIDE is designed to help prevent that bad decision by having them agree to use the system every time they get behind the wheel during a session. And if they don’t their parents will know. Learn more at http://guardride.com/



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