DUI Lawyer in Edmonton Committed to Assisting Charged Individuals

Dunlap Criminal Defense Lawyer is committed to defending individuals charged with a DUI in the Edmonton area. 

With over 25 years of experience, Timothy Dunlap and his team have a proven track record, with Timothy being recognized in the courts as an exemplary lawyer. From contesting DUI charges to assisting with other criminal cases, Dunlap Law can provide you with the right representation in court when facing a criminal charge. 

Dunlap Law is here to assist all individuals in the city of Edmonton and surrounding areas that have been charged with impaired driving. Unfortunately, for many people, they have been misled or falsely accused, which can lead to negatives consequences in the future. 

A conviction can lead to a criminal record, loss of driving privileges, a hefty fine, increased insurance coverage, as well as possible jail time. 

With Dunlap Law, individuals will receive sound legal counsel from a respectable DUI lawyer in a bid to have their charge overturned or reduced. 

Having more than 26 years of experience in the Court of Alberta, Dunlap Law is among the top DUI lawyers in Edmonton, with an extremely high success rate of 98%. Their credibility is firmly established, and they remain one of Alberta's most trusted criminal defence law firms. 

If you have been incorrectly or falsely charged with a DUI, don't risk your future. With Dunlap Law can help provide a solid case for your defence and secure your future. 

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With over 26 years of experience, Dunlap Law has a proven track record and is recognized in the courts as an exemplary lawyer that will confirm your decision that we should represent you.

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