Due Diligence Works, Inc. Releases a New Client Portal and a New Way to Look at Products via Client Need

Due Diligence Works (DDW) has developed and is releasing to clients this week a new way to look at products, by client need. DDW’s innovative new client portal allows our clients to manage their product shelf, review the industry product shelf, identify any soft areas, and review all the due diligence materials, all in one place. Gone are the days of looking through paper folders, shared drives, or old emails to find their due diligence material. The new client portal allows more people to see appropriate content at the right level of detail. 

“One of the problems with due diligence material is it is a lot of great content, but shared with very few. By creating the new DDW Client Portal, the right level of research material can be shared with more people including a president, product manager, risk office, or advisor,” said Michael Freeman, President of Due Diligence Works.   

Mike Trebon, Director of Due Diligence added, “A product offering can be your biggest asset but also your biggest risk. We designed the portal to provide easier, more organized access to material, but getting sales, product, and risk on the same page on how each product fits into your shelf has been an added benefit.”

DDW’s portal provides access to Due Diligence Reports, Advisor Facing 4 Box Reports, Product Scoring, and positions each product by client need. DDW is constantly reviewing products, ensuring client’s ongoing due diligence obligations are met, but with this new technology and some better ways to think about products, we are moving product due diligence to a strategic asset with the content enjoyed throughout the firm. 

Due Diligence Works, Inc. supports RIAs and Broker-Dealers to provide:

  • Ongoing Due Diligence of your investments and insurance products,
  • Product Shelf Management helping firms review the entire universe of products (not just your platform); ensuring you have the best products on your shelf and can prove it.

All in a variable cost and conflict-free model that can bring down your cost, improve quality, and stand the test of regulatory scrutiny.

For more information, please visit www.duediligenceworks.com.

Source: Due Diligence Works


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