Due Diligence Partners Announces the Nation's First CapEx Inclusive Due Diligence Service for Mobile Home Park Investors

DDP has taken due diligence to the final frontier by including industry averages for CapEx (also called deferred maintenance items) in onsite property reports for mobile home park investors

Reporting with CapEx

Due Diligence Partners (DDP) today announced that CapEx information will be added to reporting. The demand for due diligence services for manufactured housing communities has continued to increase for DDP, the premier due diligence service provider for the MHP industry. Due Diligence Partners became the first to provide end-to-end due diligence services. This included both offsite research and complete onsite (ground) analysis. Then, DDP upped its game again by providing Drone mapping. Drone mapping goes beyond taking drone pictures and video of a property - although that is captured, too. Drone mapping consists of takings hundreds to over a thousand pictures which are then stitched together to create an interactive high-resolution 2D, 3D, and topography map that is accurate to the inch. This mapping technology has become invaluable to investors since flood plains do not always reveal drainage and flooding problems - helping the investor mitigate more risk.

Due Diligence Partners now announces that Capital Expenditures (CapEx) are included. This announcement of including industry averages for CapEx (called deferred maintenance for reporting) items found during the onsite phase is the final frontier or the holy grail if you will for DDP and its clients.

Clients across the nation have been asking to include such cost estimates for years. Because repair costs can be subjective, it has historically not been possible to provide such estimates. Thankfully, due to the industry's growth and DDP's growing database of experience, there are plenty of references available for industry average costs.

Before adding this data point, DDP first had to develop a proprietary report that would enable the team not only to capture over 500 tasks but also display and summarize costs for up to hundreds of deferred maintenance items. Mission accomplished - within months of rolling out this new report, DDP has provided CapEx averages to clients for over a dozen properties.

"This is the game changer we were looking for that has gotten our team and clients fired up. Our report is the industry disruptor that makes DDP's service a need for all investors. Larger operators that had an internal due diligence process are now engaging with us to have a third-party service not only uncover all hidden costs but to also accompany it with industry estimates. Our report provides a winning negotiation formula for all situations between buyers, brokers, and sellers," said Justin Gonzales, CEO of DDP.

DDP continues to provide unrivaled solutions to the manufactured housing industry and would like to express deep gratitude to the clients that have helped DDP grow to achieve these firsts. The team is grateful for new and veteran clients that have been doing single and portfolio communities with DDP for years. DDP's ongoing goal is to maintain the highest standards of quality and to remain the industry leader for end-to-end due diligence services.

Most Commonly Asked Due Diligence Questions
Industry terms for services include due diligence for mobile home parks and due diligence for manufactured housing communities.

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