Dsync Now Offering Bidirectional Functionality Between Disparate Systems

DSYNC is pleased to announce two-way connectivity between fragmented retail, cafe, bar and restaurant applications, helping to synchronize best of breed customer, product and inventory data


DSYNC, an integration platform that can help developers to synchronize data between multiple applications, including inventory, website, accounting, CRM, and point of sale systems, this week excitedly unveiled the latest update to their revolutionary platform: bidirectional functionality.

With the update, clients can harness the platform’s data transformation capability in both directions. With the bidirectional functionality, DSYNC is now providing clients with a two-way connectivity between applications.

"With strong retail and hospitality partnerships in place, DSYNC is pleased to be rolling out the new functionality to our global customer base. The upgraded features include transforming customer data, pricing data, inventory and transaction data between CRM applications, accounting packages, website and point of sale integration products. "

Martin Novak, CIO and Co-Founder

“We’re passionate about providing business individuals with the ability to connect their disparate systems, apps, and business systems together in one streamline manner,” said Chris Hillier, Head of US Sales & Partnerships DSYNC. “Since our platform can be used to translate data between multiple applications right before user’s very eyes, we wanted to take our capabilities one step further and provide a two-way transformation channel.

Example scenarios with the new bidirectional capability include: retrieving product and inventory feeds from wholesalers; pushing order and transaction data to fulfillment providers; and synchronizing customer data between all applications in a given network.

DSYNC has several mid to enterprise clientele utilizing the platform globally including a wide range of hotels, bars, cafes, online retailers and financial institutions. The IPAAS platform is used to connect leading business applications together by transforming the data in near real time.  

With this new roll-out, additional features now available are the DSYNC integration platform being able to work with both real-time triggers as well as scheduling data synchronization at selected times, enterprise grade performance, and the ability to update multiple systems at the same time.

“Our new feature has just taken productivity, organization, and maximized performance to the next level for our partnering businesses,” said Martin Novak, co-founder and CIO. “Spread the word on our new bidirectional function release, and head on over to our website today to learn more about the DSYNC platform.”

The DSYNC team has a wide range of pre-built connectors for Fintech, Retail, Corporate, and Healthcare industries. Additionally, DSYNC is user-friendly by design, requiring zero programming skills for implementation.

Source: DSYNC, dsync.com

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