DS Laboratories® Joins Fight Against COVID-19 by Repurposing Facilities to Produce Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer for Medical Personnel

DS Healthcare Group Hand Sanitizer

DS Healthcare Group Inc is implementing a solidarity program to help support the fight against coronavirus.

Dr. Fernando Tamez, CEO, DS Healthcare Group Inc, states, "In this unprecedented pandemic, it is our responsibility to contribute to the collective effort in every way possible. Through these actions, DS Healthcare Group expresses our recognition, our support, and our solidarity towards those who are demonstrating extraordinary courage and selflessness in their efforts to combat COVID-19."

The company's factories, which had already started making hand sanitizer last week, will now ramp up their production to manufacture significant quantities over the next few weeks to support the needs of United States authorities, and local hospitals. 

Furthermore, this product will also be available for sale on DSLaboratories.com. For each sale of a hand sanitizer, our solidarity program will donate one to healthcare personnel and those in need. Personal hygiene has been at the forefront of fighting this epidemic, and DS Laboratories is committed to innovate and service this new era of personal hygiene, which is as vital as ever. 

The company will supply and distribute thousands of units of hand sanitizer free-of-charge to all its pharmacy and physicians' network.

Source: DS Healthcare Group


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