Drumpf's Crowd Control Out Now With Real Cash Tournaments

Drumpf’s Crowd Control, a new mobile game featuring Donald Trump, is now out on Android. Published by iFFGames and powered by Cashplay.

In the game one plays as Donald Trump himself (or “Drumpf”, according to famous comedian John Oliver), fighting off the growing crowds of his opponents, protesters, immigrants and everyone else who tries to climb over the famous wall.  In the best tradition of Trump, the crowd gets sprayed with water and tear gas. But once someone manages to get past the line, the game is over for Donald.

The “Play for Cash” feature allows Drumpf’s Crowd Control players to compete in head-to-head tournaments with opponents from all over the world and win real cash prizes. Just like other Cashplay powered games, Drumpf’s Crowd Control features a bonus scheme that allows every new user to play for free and win a cash bonus without having to make a deposit. The winners can then claim their real cash bonus by simply creating a Cashplay account, which takes less than 60 seconds.

Jarrod Epps, Cashplay’s CEO, said: “We’ve seen tons of memes and jokes about Donald Trump in the past few months, including the brilliant Dump on Trump game. Then we thought it was time to let our users join in on the fun and win some real cash while they are at it!”

Brian Faulkner, Lead developer for iFFGames, Said "I like Drumpf. I think he's funny and probably a decent guy. We are also very big fans of John Oliver, and really enjoyed the piece he did on Drumpf. I think it is a great idea bringing Drumpf into the game, and I plan on updating it quite a bit more with new models, textures, and more tournament modes in the future to keep it exciting for the players."

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Source: Cashplay