Drummond Pipet Aid - the World's First Pipette Controller is Now Available at Pipette.com

The Drummond Pipet Aid was the world’s first pipette controller. It was created and developed by Drummond Scientific as an alternative to mouth pipetting. A patented, easy-to-use volume control mechanism permits precise fluid intake and delivery which has been tried and tested by scientists for decades. A check valve protects against accidental fluid intake into the handle and the optional Tissue Culture Nosepiece will prevent cross-contamination due to over-pipetting. A special filtration unit for use with biohazardous materials is also available. This pipette controller was introduced in 1972 and ever since it has single-handedly changed laboratory pipetting applications forever. Nowadays, Drummond is synonymous with the terms pipet aid, controller, pipet aid filters and microdispensor. The brand is known for its durability and leading-class quality. This reputation for excellence and reliability is one of the reasons Drummond Pipet Aid is such a trusted product used every day by scientists in laboratories all over the world.

This pipette controller – the Drummond Portable Pipette Aid - DP-101 — is now available at Pipette.com for only $269.00 — the lowest price offering of the year. When asked about Drummond Pipet Aids, Dimitriy Grishin, the VP of Business Development at Pipette.com, said: “The Drummond Pipet Aid XP and Drummond Pipet Aid continue to be the standard for most laboratories when it comes to pipette controllers. Customers continue to purchase these models due to the combination of high performance and ease-of-use with a lighter, more compact and portable design.” He went on to say, “These models are built to last. Many of our customers re-order these Pipet Aids because of their durability and reliability. These pipette controllers have advanced the industry standards for pipetting comfort, convenience, and control.”

The Drummond Pipet Aid XP2 (Pipette.com Part # DP-501/Drummond Part # 4-000-501) and the Drummond Pipet Aid XL (Pipette.com Part # DP-105/Drummond Part # 4-000-105) are now both also available at Pipette.com, along with special offers on free serological pipettes when buying any Drummond Pipet Aid. Head over to Pipette.com now to take advantage of our Drummond Pipettes offer.

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