DrugRehab101.com Announces Website Enhancements and Content Expansion

DrugRehab101.com has detailed articles on drug and alcohol dependence and addiction. The site provides a directory of drug rehab facilities.

Drug and alcohol addiction threatens individuals and families everywhere. Understanding how and why addiction occurs can help a family or individual get help to overcome an addiction and return to a productive and healthy life. DrugRehab101.com was started several years ago by a small group of individuals with years of experience and in-depth knowledge about substance abuse and drug rehab and drug treatment programs. Their desire to share knowledge and information to people seeking help was the foundation for the DrugRehab101.com website.

As drug abuse and addiction continue to rise, the founders of DrugRehab101.com knew it was time to expand the content of the site to include more information about commonly abused drugs, including popular prescription drugs like Soma, Xanax, Ambien, and Oxycontin. Many individuals don’t understand that a prescription medication can be just as dangerous and addictive as illegal street drugs but painkiller abuse statistics continue to rise. On DrugRehab101 individuals and/or concerned family and friends can learn about the warning signs of addiction and abuse and also research help and treatment options to overcome an alcohol or drug addiction.

The expansive list of treatment facilities are categorized by state to help individuals locate a program that is close to home with the expertise needed for their specific circumstance. The site also contains featured listings for programs that have established notoriety in the industry for providing top-notch services and care for individuals using their program. Program facilitators can contact DrugRehab101 to have their program considered for a featured listing to advertise on the site. When researching drug treatment programs it is a good idea to find out how much experience they have with the particular drug or substance for which recovery is needed.

Drug abuse statistics are frightening but there are thousands of stories of hope and recovery. Don’t give up, seek help. It’s not too late to regain control and enjoy a happy, productive life. Finding friends and support through others that have similar experiences can get a person on the road to recovery and support them through the ups and downs of sobriety. Having a plan and small, attainable goals help a person keep perspective and makes the recovery path manageable. DrugRehab101 provides information about what to expect before treatment, during treatment, and after treatment. Addiction recovery is possible, don’t give up.

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