Drug Treatment Finders Expands to Fourth Location - St. Louis, MO

The expansion continues for Drug Treatment Finders as they enter the state of Missouri with their 4th location in St Louis.  

"We look for areas of the country that are under-served when it comes to addiction treatment.  As most people don't understand how the rehab business works, they tend to simply end up and the closest treatment facility, rather than the right facility," said their spokesperson. 

"Our goal is to help those that are struggling find the right center, which will most likely be out of state.  Although, Missouri has some top treatment facilities, they are almost always full, forcing everyone to enter treatment that may not be right for them. Our small office in St Louis will provide folks with options, free of charge, based on their personal needs."

Drug Treatment Finders - St Louis, MO provides free advice and help while navigating the difficult waters of addiction.  They work with you to understand specific needs and ensure that the treatment center selected is qualified to handle your needs while providing you with a fun, treatment focused program. 

Drug Treatment Finders - St Louis, MO

7253 Watson Rd, PMB 1029

St Luis, MO 63119

Source: Drug Treatment Finders


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