Drug Rehab Agency Announces Addiction Billing Service to Maximize Client Returns on Marketing Spend

The Drug Rehab Agency announced today that they are now offering substance abuse billing services to their growing number of consulting services. This addition comes after review of where clients can increase their ROI from marketing efforts. 

"Our clients come to us because we are more than just a marketing and consulting company. They trust us because we dive deep into the business and understand what can be changed to increase the impact seen by our marketing efforts. Billing, which has changed dramatically over the last year, is where we found we can make the largest impact," said CEO Marcus Hansen.  "By offering our clients services that help them maximize revenue, we all win."

The Drug Rehab Agency's billing services offer standing insurance billing but go well beyond that. "In order to have the greatest impact, we decided to go beyond just standing billing and offer verification of benefits and Utilization Review training as well. We found that most centers lose money due to lack of knowledge prior to the admission and because of poor utilization review practices," said Mr. Hansen. 

Source: The Drug Rehab Agency

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