Drug-Free South Responds to Alarming Drug Trend

To counter the drug abuse epidemic affecting the city, Drug-Free South volunteers hit the streets distributing copies of The Truth About Drugs in Nashville's busy downtown district.

Drug overdoses are a leading cause of death in Tennessee, with over 1,100 fatalities in a single year according to statistics released by the Metro Social Services 7th annual Community Needs Evaluation. This means more deaths from overdose than from murder, suicide or motor vehicle accidents.

To take fast and effective action against this alarming trend, Drug-Free South hit the streets and distributed copies of The Truth About Drugs booklet near the Cumberland River in Downtown Nashville. 

Regional coordinator for the Foundation for a Drug-Free World  Rev. Brian Fesler said, “Everyone can benefit from learning the truth about drugs, because everyone is affected by this drug epidemic—either personally becoming a victim to drug abuse or by knowing someone who has been.”

The Truth About Drugs booklet covers the effects of the most commonly used drugs, their street names, and the myths and hype drug dealers use to persuade people to experiment with these dangerous substances. To learn more or order booklets, visit www.drugfreesouth.org.

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