DrShreya.com Launches Separate and Faster Consultation Module for US People!

With rapid growing online clientele across 60 countries, DrShreya.com recently launched new and separate consultation modules for people from different territories. The big base United States gets better attention now with faster consultation module.

Belgaum, India, Mar 22, 2010- In this tech-savvy age, long gone are the days when one used to wait for homeopathic doctor's appointment for months. For such tech-savvy people, DrShreya.com had launched online homeopathic consultancy. Within few years, the consultancy services were approached by vast number of people across the globe, thanks to the expert homeopathic treatments and prescriptions available through the master homeopaths.

Two months back, the company had launched separate faculty for asthma and related respiratory diseases, as it is one of the widest domains of homeopathy. But that was not enough. United States being one of the big bases, DrShreya.com had to start with a separate faculty for US patients, so that their queries can be answered more rapidly and efficiently.

"Homeopathy is one of the finest modes of treatment that offers hope to thousands of so-called hopeless cases and helps the patient gain back his confidence, health, and zest to live", says the founder Dr. Shreya Deshpande. "Health is the most prominent thing one should strive for in life" say many of the tweets in different shades at http://twitter.com/drshreya.

According to the hospital sources, this new faculty will reduce the communication time and bring faster evaluation of the cases for accurate prescribing. Within twenty four hours time, every email will be answered by the expert and can be furthered for the evaluation immediately.