Droplet Micron Launches Expanded Indication and OTC Availability

Droplet Micron is now indicated for the "subcutaneous injection of drugs," expanding its use beyond insulin to include medications such as GLP-1s, and more

Droplet Micron

We are thrilled to announce exciting updates regarding the Droplet Micron 34G x 3.5mm pen needle from HTL-Strefa, a member of the MTD Group. Droplet Micron has received expanded approval from the US Food & Drug Administration, allowing for broader indications of use and a shift from prescription-only to over-the-counter availability. This will benefit patients who can now utilize the thinnest and shortest pen needle that exists in the United States to inject medications other than insulin.

Expanded Indication for Use: Droplet Micron is now indicated for the "subcutaneous injection of drugs," expanding its use beyond insulin to include medications such as GLP-1s and more. This enhancement broadens treatment options and patient accessibility.

OTC Availability in the USA: In alignment with regulatory changes, the "Rx Only" designation will be removed from Droplet Micron packaging in the USA. This modification streamlines access to our pen needles, enabling distribution through pharmacies and e-commerce where permitted by state/provincial regulations. Droplet Micron OTC with expanded indication can be found on Amazon (state regulation permitted) and will shortly be available in multiple national retailers. 

Droplet Micron is the shortest and thinnest pen needle, and it was designed with patients in mind, to provide the best injection experience. Its cutting-edge technology reduces the penetration force by up to 50%, which often translates into a less painful injection. Trusted by millions worldwide and highly rated by users, Droplet Micron continues to set the standard for safe, reliable, and comfortable injections.

To learn more about Droplet Micron, or request samples, please visit www.mydroplet.com

About HTL-Strefa and MTD Group

HTL Strefa is the U.S. subsidiary of Medical Technology and Devices (MTD), a leading group in the med-tech sector that designs, develops, and globally distributes a comprehensive range of medical devices for both home and professional use. MTD was established in 2018 through the merger of Pikdare and HTL Strefa, bringing unique expertise in the development of puncture devices, electromedical devices for home use, and products for medical self-care. The group distributes approximately 5 billion medical devices worldwide each year. Research and development form the foundation of the group's commitment. To provide healthcare professionals with increasingly innovative and safe products, MTD is currently involved in over 100 R&D projects and has, to date, registered over 300 patents.

With this objective, in 2020, the group founded MTD Engineering, a technological hub that generates innovative projects for the product pipeline. MTD is present (either directly or through local subsidiaries) in over 100 countries and operates a state-of-the-art production system with four facilities in Europe. The group, majority owned by Investindustrial and with QuattroR SGR as a participant, employs approximately 1,700 people and recorded a turnover of around 250 million euros in 2022.                                                                                     

Source: HTL-Strefa Inc.

About HTL-STREFA, Inc., an MTD company

HTL-Strefa, Inc. is a subsidiary of MTD (Medical Technology and Devices). MTD is a med-tech global leader which designs, develops and provides a full range of medical devices for home & professional care. MTD offers both patients and healthcare professionals a broad range of medical devices and personal care solutions. MTD has several modern production facilities in Poland & Italy, as well as Commercial offices located in Warsaw Poland, Grandate Italy, and Woodstock, GA (USA).

The MTD group was founded in 2018, when two leading healthcare companies with a long-standing med-tech heritage joined forces. One of these companies was HTL-Strefa, a world leader in designing, developing and producing diabetes products for drug delivery and capillary blood sampling, with a core expertise in safety sharps. HTL-Strefa is widely recognized as the inventor of the “safety lancet” product category.

HTL-Strefa, Inc. is the North American subsidiary of MTD, and distributes products that are used in various diagnostic tests performed by hospitals, clinics, and laboratories.

Under the brands Droplet and DropSafe, HTL-Strefa Inc .currently supplies pen needles and insulin syringes, safety lancets, safety pen needles, and immunization products. Droplet is widely recognized as the fastest growing pen needle brand and the #2 largest pen needle supplier in North America.

Information on our latest innovations can be found on our brand websites: www.mydroplet.com and www.dropsafe.info


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