Dropio App Launched; New iPhone App Where Prices Drop From Lowest Online Prices


New iPhone app Dropio, available in the App Store from today, is a free app that offers access to deals below lowest online prices for those with quick fingers.

No bidding, no advance payment required – absolutely free to download and use

Dropio is free to use – you only pay for the deals you get and choose to buy.

On Dropio, prices drop from the lowest online price while availability of the items simultaneously runs down. Dropio offers the chance to get unpublished deals – but don’t wait too long, or you’ll miss the deal.

The catch? You can join only five “Drops”, and then you’ll have to wait until your Dropio Tokens recharge and you can join your next Drop. Users are encouraged to pick the Drops they join with care, and not let the best deals slip out of their hands by waiting too long.

Brand name items ranging from Electronics to Fashion & Home

Featuring brand name items ranging from $3,500 TVs to iPads, kitchen items, fashion from Louis Vuitton to Prada, drones, home decor, bags, apparel and much much more, Dropio offers an ever-changing selection of the most popular items.

Earn Savings Points to gain access to exclusive deals

When users win Drops, they also earn Savings Points for every dollar they save.

Savings Points can be used to join exclusive Drops with limited competition for items in high demand.

Your friends get access to the same deals

Users join Dropio by connecting their Facebook accounts with the app. The app won’t post anything on Facebook without the user’s explicit permission. However, it connects the users with their friends and gives those who are registered on Dropio access to the same deals.

The process of sharing a drop with friends is simple. Once the user buys a Dropio drop, that deal is then shared with their circle of friends. Each person who has a link to the drop gets 24 hours to buy it at the same price.

Once the item is sold out, it will no longer be available at the listed price.

Free shipping on all items – big or small

When Dropio users purchase their name-brand items, they’ll get the incredible perk of completely free shipping regardless of the final purchase price or item size.

Dropio for iPhone is available on the App Store now.


For more information about Dropio, go to Dropio.com or follow Dropio on Twitter at @DropioApp or on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/dropioapp ).

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