Drive-in Theaters Tap SimpleTix for Contactless Ticketing in COVID-Driven Resurgence

Drive-in theaters are booming and SimpleTix is providing them with the ability to sell tickets while still maintaining strict social distancing guidelines.

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​​​SimpleTix, a groundbreaking online ticketing platform, is playing a key role in the resuscitation of the drive-in theater industry. With contactless ticketing, theater staff can maintain social distancing, while theatergoers enjoy their night out with less hassle and worry.

“It’s amazing to see the resurgence in the drive-in theater industry,” explained Aron Kansal, Founder of the company. “However, with COVID-19 limiting people’s ability to do the things they normally do, it makes sense that these businesses are being reborn.”

With social distancing mandates in place, drive-in theaters are booming. They let people get out of the house and have fun, while still maintaining a safe distance from others. Many theaters have turned to SimpleTix to sell tickets, like the Warwick Drive In in New York, and have experienced significant success and benefits.

While some theaters used a legacy shopping cart system in the past, this left them vulnerable. With no scannable tickets, theatergoers were able to cheat the system. That is not the case with SimpleTix.

For instance, when a customer purchases tickets, they are provided with a color-coded, scannable QR code. Theater staff simply scan the QR code quickly, moving cars through the gate and preventing long lines. The color-coding system offers additional benefits, allowing staff to easily direct theatergoers to specific areas of the venue without hassle.

Plus, SimpleTix makes it easy for drive-ins to use the platform. There are no long-term contracts to sign, and theaters are able to use their existing Square account, which means there is no need to set up a merchant account with a bank.

“With a viable vaccine for COVID-19 likely a minimum of 18 months away, we expect drive-in theaters to be big for at least the next two to three years. We look forward to being part of that growth,” stated Lauren Javors.

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About SimpleTix: Founded in 2008, SimpleTix delivers professional-grade ticketing solutions and an alternative to high-priced, custom e-Ticketing software and outrageous fees charged by cookie-cutter ticketing service providers. SimpleTix delivers a simple, customizable, affordable process with the features and options that today’s venues and event organizers deserve.


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