Drink Saporé Solves Glug Factor Problem

Liquids from containers do not flow smoothly, they glug because the vacuum inside every container inhibits gravity from working.  The inventors behind Drink Saporé have created a 100% recyclable plastic fluid cartridge that solves the glug problem. 

When placed inside one of our dispensers, at the push of a button the cartridge works by simultaneously opening an air hole and releasing contained fluids, allowing gravity to deliver a smooth flow.  The cartridge then reseals itself to keep the ingredients fresh, providing a solution that is simple, clean and convenient with no electricity needed.  Consumers use their own hot, cold or bubbly water and adjust flavoring to their own personal taste, Made, Like U Like™.  

The beverage industry will be the first introduction of the Drink Saporé technology because consumer demand is changing as evidenced by declining soda sales at the likes of Coca-Cola® and PepsiCo.

According to Drink Saporé president Ian Goldey, “Consumers love the combination of convenience and choice so we are planning a global online store to reflect regional tastes.  Instead of software apps our platform will be selling a multitude of flavors.”  Seth Golden, beverage analyst, added, “Drink Saporé is the evolution of beverage systems such as the Keurig® because we deliver more flavor choices than just coffee while also being eco-conscious.”  Instead of single serve pods our 150ml cartridge provides between ten and twenty 12oz servings and they are both refillable and recyclable.

Our cartridge technology can also be applied to cosmetic, industrial, medical and consumer goods.  One example is a washing machine that holds cartridges containing detergent, fabric softener and bleach.  No mess or heavy bottles, just simple and convenient and a perfect solution for companies such as Proctor & Gamble and Johnson & Johnson.

Drink Saporé has recently completed consumer testing at the LA Women’s Expo and other events and our team is ecstatic at the positive results in the high 90th percentile for the Drink Saporé cartridge solution. 


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