Drinjk's Luxury Wine Advent Calendar is Taking a 'Nip' Out of the Competition With New Designer Bottle

Move Over Chocolate: Drinjk Wines' New Luxury Wine Advent Calendar Features 24 Glasses of Single-Serve Wines From Around the World

Drinjk's Luxury Wine Advent Calendar

​Drinjk Wines co-founders Brett and Alexa Bayda are pleased to announce the addition of a Wine Advent Calendar to their collection. With competitors Aldi and Virgin Wines both selling out of their Wine Advent Calendars last holiday season, Drinjk Wines has big shoes to fill. This, however, has not stopped the California couple from rising to the occasion — and upping the ante.

Making the countdown to Christmas merrier, each Advent Calendar comes with 24 different single-serve wines in Drinjk’s brand new designer bottle. Drinjk Wines' chic, slim, glass bottle has completely reinvented the single-serve wine industry and is the only bottle of its kind in the world. Each bottle is a little larger than the standard glass of wine at a generous 6.3 oz. 

Drinjk Wines has partnered with a variety of small to medium-size wineries from all over the globe to source its quality wine. Every Wine Advent Calendar will come with 24 individual glasses of wine: 14 red wines, eight white wines, one rose and one blue wine – no repeats.

“We wanted to create a Wine Advent Calendar that shows off handcrafted wines from around the world,” says co-founder Brett Bayda.

“We work with award-winning wineries in Portugal and Spain, and offer a variety of wines from the United States. We have even partnered with Fassati Winery in Tuscany, who makes wine exclusively for the Pope. ”

Drinjk Wines is offering the opportunity to sign up early on their pre-order waiting list. The sign-up form can be found on their website: drinjk.com. Customers on the waiting list will receive updates and will be notified in advance when the Wine Advent Calendar goes on sale in November. The Wine Advent Calendar will retail for $99.

For questions about Drinjk Wine or the Wine Advent Calendar, contact Brett Bayda at Brett@drinjk.com.

About Drinjk Wines: The #1 leader in premium single-serve wines, Drinjk’s mission is to offer a simpler, more convenient option for busy wine lovers to enjoy a glass of wine without the commitment of opening a full bottle. The company offers the largest selection of single-serve wines in the USA.

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Drinjk Wines is the #1 leader in single-serve wines in the USA. Our chic, glass cylinder bottle makes it easy for you to enjoy a glass of wine without having to open a full-sized bottle. Our new Drinjk Wine bottle is the best way to sample wines.

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